6 Healthy Vegan Snacks

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We all have been there—we ate breakfast in the morning and we’re sitting there later in the morning and lunch is still a couple hours away. Or maybe 3:00PM rolls around and you realize the small salad you had for lunch just isn’t going to hold you over until dinner. When this happens, what do you reach for? If you’re going to eat something, let’s try and make it a healthy vegan snack! Here are a few options for you to consider to satisfy that urge without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Fresh vegetables
Now before you stop reading, let’s talk about this a little more. Of course, we can all chop up some carrots and celery, which is great, but you may want to jazz this up a bit. For example, you can add some strips of red bell peppers, which are high in Vitamin C, or maybe some edamame soy beans, which contain a high amount of fiber. Also, how about taking along some nut butter to dip it in, or maybe a vegan cheese spread. Don’t forget to pack these veggies in your reusable containers instead of plastic bags.

Fresh Fruit
Fruit can sometimes have a bad reputation since it contains a lot of “sugar,” but let’s keep in mind that the sugar found in fruit is not the processed sugar we need to avoid. The sugar found in fruit is broken down in our bodies much differently than the processed sugar. If you want to remove sugar from your diet, look at at the source since not all sugars are created equal. Apples, mangos, strawberries or oranges make great snacks. The key to having fresh fruit often, is to vary what you eat. No one wants to eat only apples for the rest of their lives.

This is a personal favorite snack of mine. They are easy to make and extremely good for you. You can make them with all fruit or add some greens to them as well. You can easily and quickly make a few a pack them in a cooler in the morning to take with you the during the day. That’s what I usually do and it works out great. With a smoothie, you also keep all the fiber in the food that you are blending and making it easier for the body to digest since it’s in a liquid form. Feeling creative? Then add some superfoods such as maca powder or chia seeds.

Green juice
Similar to a smoothie, but without the fiber. You can also take these with you during the day in a cooler and are great to have on an empty stomach as your body will absorb the vitamins and minerals quickly. The process is a little more time-consuming than making a smoothie, but a great way to reduce this is to prep the vegetables you are going to juice in the morning the night before. This is a great meal planning strategy.

Now by crackers, we’re not talking about your mom’s saltine crackers you that she gave you when you were sick. I am referring to a healthier alternative, such as Flackers which are made out of flax seeds. These healthier alternatives are rich in omega 3’s, fiber and antioxidants, which will help consume your daily nutrient needs and get you through the day.

Sweet Treat
I am not talking store-bought candy. However, if you suddenly have that sweet tooth craving and need something to get you through this, there are several options for you. Now these may not be the snacks to go to on a daily basis, but they can contain some great superfoods and help you get through the day. A great example are my raw brownie bites. These are easy to make and taste delicious and contain no added sugar while supplying your body with some great antioxidant properties. The key is balance and not depriving yourself.

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So these are just a few tips to help you stay healthy while on the go. I’m sure there are others and I would love to know what healthy vegan snacks you carry around!

Stay Healthy,

Vince Lia
Healthy Vegan Guy

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