Going vegan—and thriving as a vegan—is so much easier when you have great resources and tools at your fingertips. Documentaries and books can ignite and solidify your resolve. Tried and loved cookbooks will keep you craving the tastiest plant-based foods. And investing in kitchen equipment will empower you to create meals that nourish your soul, feed friends and family, and fill your home with all the memorable smells of home-cooking. We hope you find this collection of our favorite things helpful in your vegan journey!

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Vegan Gift Guide

Looking for the best vegan gift ideas? Peruse over 100 ideas including vegan gifts for her, vegan gifts for him, for kids, parents, babies, and beyond. Find the perfect birthday gifts, Christmas or Hanukkah gifts, stocking stuffers, homemade gifts, and more. Happy gifting!
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Vegan Makeup and Skincare Brands

Discover the best vegan makeup brands in this comprehensive vegan guide. There are cruelty-free options for all your bath, beauty, and body-care needs!
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Hodo Foods

Tofu is a healthy, protein-rich, filling staple of the plant-based diet. Hodo makes the best tofu that doesn’t need to be pressed, plus and array of ready-to-eat tofu products that make it even easier to make a quick meal! Look out for their All-Day “Egg” Scramble, Curry Nuggets, Yuba Noodles, Veggie Burgers, and more!
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WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is on a mission to help save our world with innovative foods made with the regeneratively grown Bambara Groundnut. Their seasoned instant noodles are phenomenally tasty and packed with protein, and they also make one of the most sustainable milk options on the planet: BAMnut Milk!
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Back to Nature

We love Back to Nature! They’ve been baking up better-for-you snacks since the 1960s, and have proudly held the label “Plant-Based Snacks” since before it was cool. Keep an eye out for them in stores where you’ll find their delicious cookies, crackers, granola, and more!
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Lomi’s Electric Kitchen Composter

If backyard composting isn’t an option for you, Lomi’s electric countertop composter may be the perfect in-home solution! Simply put your food scraps in, press the button, and your scraps will transform into Lomi dirt (which can be added as fertilizer to your garden) in a matter of hours. Technology is amazing!
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NBPure’s Plant-Based Protein Powder

NBPure makes one of the cleanest and highest-quality protein powders available! Their vanilla Plant-Protein powder contains 25g of protein per serving and is boosted with Flaxseed and Chia. It’s made from North American Yellow Peas making it gluten-free and soy-free, too.
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Eden Foods

We love Eden Foods! They are the oldest natural and organic food company in North America, and offer a huge selection of the highest quality organic and pure pantry foods. They partner with local farmers and pay them directly, and have been repeatedly honored for their admirable record in social and environmental responsibilities. Shop their grains, beans, flours, cereals, pastas, soymilk, Japanese foods, macrobiotic foods, and more!
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Stay Cool With GoodPop

GoodPop has veganized childhood favorites, including chocolate dipped ice cream bars, fudge pops, creamsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and more! They’re also on a mission to do good, and are the first food brand to be Plastic Neutral Certified with 4ocean. We love them! Look for GoodPop in stores and give ’em a lick.
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Vegan Omega from Barlean’s

DHA is critical for healthy brain development, and this plant-based omega oil makes it easy to get a daily dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA! Many people assume you have to eat fish to get your omegas, but fish get their omegas by eating algae, so we can go directly to the source as well. You can add this oil to smoothies, salad dressings, oatmeal, and beyond to keep your brain healthy and thriving.
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Ritter Sport’s Modern Ethical Chocolate

Ritter Sport released delicious vegan chocolate bars made with certified sustainably sourced cocoa! Look for these four flavors: Salted Caramel, Smooth Chocolate, Roasted Peanut, and Crunchy Almonds.
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Creative Pea Vegan Meat Mixes

Plant-based meats you can keep in your pantry? Oh yes! Israeli company Creative Pea just launched a line of CHICKENFREE, BEEFFREE, and FISHFREE meat mixes that can transform into nuggets, meatballs, dogs, kebabs, ground meat, and beyond.
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Vegan Clothing & Accessories

Wear your kindness on your sleeve and fill your closet with cruelty-free and eco-conscious brands! Our guide to vegan clothing covers shirts, wallets, watches, belts, shoes, boots, bags, and beyond.
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