10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas To Get Out of a Rut

Ready to shake up your breakfast routine? From breakfast tacos to hash brown waffles, these creative vegan breakfast ideas will help reignite your excitement for the most important meal of the day.
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Has the most important meal of the day got you dragging instead of zipping out of bed? It’s easy to get stuck in the same breakfast routine morning after morning. But as this list of vegan breakfast ideas shows, there’s more than one way to break out of your breakfast rut of cereal and almond milk.

They say that variety is the spice of the life, so ditch the same ‘ole same ‘ole with one of these vegan breakfast options that are sure to get your taste buds salivating. Delicious and healthy, they each also offer lots of options for customizing and changing them up a dozen different ways…so you’re guaranteed to never find yourself in a morning rut again.

Choose a couple of your favorites to rotate during the week and bring back the tasty to your morning meal!

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

How about a twist on a classic, fast-food bagel sandwich? This vegan breakfast sandwich will absolutely knock your socks off!

A hand holding a vegan breakfast sandwich.

Overnight Oats

Switch up your usual oatmeal for a jar of delicious and fiber-rich overnight oats. This breakfast meal is a busy person’s best friend because the prep is done the night before and breakfast is served as soon as you pull it out of the refrigerator the next morning! Make it a family affair and prep the jars with your kids so everyone can tailor-make their creation to their desire!

Different types of overnight oats with fruit, peanut butter, chia seeds, and other add-ins.

Breakfast Bowls

Vegan bowls aren’t just for lunch or dinner! Whether your crew likes it savory or sweet, this meal idea is a one-stop-shop for all your nutrients with its abundant variety of whole grains, fruit or vegetables, and protein. Try this Creamy Berry Polenta for something on the sweet side.

Two bowls of breakfast polenta topped with berries and cashew cream.

Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls

Everyone’s smiling with a smoothie send off! Sneak in some spinach for extra goodness (when it’s blended, no one will ever know), and customize with your favorite toppings for a refreshing twist. Add protein like hemp or chia seeds, nut butters, or protein powders. And change things up by making your blend a little thicker, pouring it into a bowl and topping it with fresh fruit and vegan granola. This berry sorbet is a winner!

Breakfast Cookies

Why have a muffin when you can have a breakfast cookie? Sure, these little morsels might look like just a sugary treat, but these little guys pack a nutrition punch. Loaded with oats, whole grain flour (or almond meal), nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, it’s almost like having an oatmeal cookie (or two) for breakfast! Serve with a tall glass of green juice to kickstart your day.

Waffle and Pancakes—All Different Ways

Elevate your average go-to brekkie sammy by sandwiching it between waffles or pancakes. Tofu scramble and vegan bacon taste even better pressed between these sweetbreads (especially when drizzled with a little maple syrup). Vegan sausage and hash brown patties also make great sandwich fillings. Or, try this meal prep favorite, a savory and scrumptious vegan breakfast casserole with crispy potatoes, mushrooms, and spinach—delish!

Do waffle-wiches sound a little too wild? Try baking your pancakes on a sheet pan for easy sheet pancakes. Or spice up your traditional pancakes with some specialty ingredients like beet powder for pink pancakes, or matcha tea powder for green pancakes!

Green matcha pancakes served for breakfast with syrup.

Energy Balls and Bars

When you need something quick to eat on the go, energy balls and bars and the perfect thing to grab and still eat healthy. Batch cook a dozen or two on the weekend to enjoy all week long. Bonus: these tasty treats also double as easy, packable snacks and treats.

Raw Cookie Dough Date Balls made with dates and walnuts

Unique Toasts

Whether it’s a classic like avocado toast or something a little non-traditional like cucumber and hummus toast, there are lots of options for adding toast to your breakfast meal plan (even beyond Toast Tuesday). And think beyond the slice of bread! Sweet Potatoes and apple rounds make equally tasty bases…as do hash brown waffles and patties.

10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas | World of Vegan | #breakfast #vegan #waffles #smoothies #oatmeal #worldofvegan

Baked Oatmeal

If warm porridge isn’t your thing, give oats another try by baking them. You’ll discover that the result is more akin to a breakfast bar. Baked oats (like this delicious pumpkin baked oatmeal perfect for fall) are easily customizable by varying the nuts, seeds, spices, and fruit. Top with a drizzle of maple syrup and breakfast is served! Hurray for more vegan breakfast ideas!

10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas | World of Vegan | #breakfast #vegan #waffles #smoothies #oatmeal #worldofvegan

Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast? If a breakfast pie doesn’t break you out of your rut, I don’t know what will! Whether you top pizza dough with hash browns and soyrizo or home fries and tofu scramble, you’ll enjoy making this breakfast as much as you’ll enjoy eating it! For another pizza option, use a waffle instead of pizza dough for your creation.

Breakfast Burritos & Tacos

The only thing better than Taco Tuesday is breakfast the next day! Use the leftover taco filling to stuff tacos and burritos with other traditional breakfast foods such as tofu scramble or hash browns, or go rogue and your own savory filling with breakfast potatoes, scrambled tofu or beans. And don’t forget the guacamole!

10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas | World of Vegan | #breakfast #vegan #waffles #smoothies #oatmeal #worldofvegan
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