Dairy Guide for Vegans

The most challenging food category to navigate when you start eating vegan is hands down: dairy. From milk to yogurt to ice cream to the big one: cheese, it can feel like everything is off the table. Not so, dear friend! You can find vegan versions of everything these days. Plus, herbivores have found magical ways to cook without dairy.

Choose from delicious, dairy-free options such as tapioca pudding, vegan yogurt, frozen yogurt, and even vegan ice cream cake! There are so many fantastic recipes that you won’t miss dairy ever again!


What's Wrong With Dairy?

The dairy industry is notoriously one of the most cruel, heartless, and exploitative industries in all of animal agriculture. If you're not familiar with the industry, please take a moment to read this.
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Staple Dairy-Free Recipes

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Why Dairy is Unsustainable for our Planet

An ostensibly pure, white glass brimming with cow's milk may appear unassuming, but its implications extend far past the confines of its carton. In truth, the dairy industry is silently inflicting irrevocable harm upon our planet, marked by deforestation, pollution, pesticide use, greenhouse gas emissions, and an array of other detrimental factors. Here are somencompelling grounds to opt for plant-based milk alternatives instead.
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Creamy Plant-Based Recipes that are Dairy-Free

Need Help Ditching Dairy?

This online course teaches you how to liberate yourself from dairy. From modules covering why dairy is so harmful and how it impacts our bodies, to lessons teaching you how to make your own plant-based milks and cheese sauces, this online program will help you confidently kick cow's milk to the curb.
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