Make-Your-Own Almond Milk Recipe

Make-Your-Own Almond Milk Recipe

Almond Milk Recipe: Game changer

When I first tried store-bought almond milk, I was really not impressed. I thought it had a funny taste and had a soapy after taste. I’ve grown to like it a bit more, but I have to say, you’ve never tasted almond milk until you’ve tried a fresh homemade one. It’s a whole different experience! It’s creamy and nutty and, well, delicious! That’s why you have to try this almond milk recipe!

Making your own is quite simple and super quick. You just have to remember to soak your almonds overnight. Next day you blend them with as many cups of water as you like (depending on the consistency that you want). Strain it with a nut milk bag. That’s it! Can you believe how easy it is? Ok, you can give this recipe a few twists to make it even tastier. Add a pinch of sea salt and soft juicy date before blending, and you’ll take your almond milk to the next level! 

Blend and drink away!

Almonds are not cheap so keep your eyes open for when they are on sale or buy them in bulk and store in tight glass containers to keep them fresh. Try using filtered water for the best taste. It’s better to store the milk in a bottle with a tight lid so you can give it a shake everytime it separates inside the fridge.

This almond milk recipe is perfect to make a creamy latte or some hot chocolate, and this warming peppermint mocha. For a fresher drink blend one cup of the milk with a frozen banana, a date, and some frozen pineapple, some frozen mango and you have a green tropical smoothie. 

Almonds are so healthy and should be a part of your daily dozen! Of course, we don’t always have the time to make our own, and we need to have our store-bought favorites at hand. We tasted them and picked the best ones for you, check it out!

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