Your Guide to Vegan Ice Cream

Your Guide to Vegan Ice Cream

Who screams for vegan ice cream? We scream for vegan ice cream! Our vegan ice cream guide is here to help you keep your cool with so many options out on the market! When I first went vegan a decade ago, I was lucky if I could find a single vegan ice cream option at the grocery store. But today, ten years later, many mainstream grocery stores have entire freezer cases dedicated to their dairy-free ice cream selection. Several all-vegan brands have come to life and many other widely loved brands have caught up with the trend and started offering vegan options (like Ben & Jerry’s and Haägen-Dazs). I figure it’s about time we do a complete round-up here at World of Vegan so those who are new to the vegan lifestyle can quickly get the lay of the land.

100% Vegan Ice Cream Brands

Popular Ice Cream Brands With Vegan Options

Ice Cream Brands From Days Long Past

Nothing gold can stay and that also goes for vegan ice cream. Join us as we reflect on some dearly beloved brands that are no longer around.

  • Almond DREAM
  • Daiya
  • Purely Decadent
  • Rice DREAM
  • Tempt

Celebrating the Vegan Ice Cream Wins

I should make a note about this. Some vegan enthusiasts are throwing shade on traditionally dairy-based companies that are entering the vegan market space, and even going so far as to encourage people to boycott their vegan options. That is insane. Here are 5 reasons why mainstream ice cream brands carrying vegan ice cream options is incredible news for animals.

Vegan Ice Cream Taste-Test

I filmed a vegan ice cream taste-test video with Toni Okamoto from Plant Based on a Budget where we tried many of these options for you on camera and shared our thoughts. You can watch below!

Fun Ice Cream Ideas

Want to spice up your ice cream nights? Try making our balloon-formed chocolate ice cream bowls or chocolate dipped ice cream cones and whipping up some aquafaba whipped cream to dollop on top. Or, you can make your own healthy soft serve ice cream from frozen bananas. Cheers!

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