How to Celebrate Super Bowl—Vegan Style!

How to Celebrate Super Bowl—Vegan Style!

Super Bowl season is upon us, and if you’re going to be joining the 100 million Americans watching the big game, you better get ready. You definitely want to have plenty of vegan Super Bowl snacks on hand so you can keep your focus on the game—not your grumbling stomach. We’ve got several ideas for your below—including simple chocolate covered football pretzels and our popular cauliflower buffalo wings. 

Vegan Super Bowl Dips, Sides & Appetizers:

Vegan Super Bowl Mains:

Vegan Super Bowl Sweet Treats:

Vegan Super Bowl Chocolate Pretzels

Celebrate football season with these simple chocolate-covered vegan football pretzels! Toni and Michelle show how to make them in this fun video. You will need vegan white chocolate (yes, it exists!) to create the football design. 

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings & Ranch Dip 

Hungry for more delicious vegan Super Bowl snacks? Try these Cauliflower buffalo wings with this homemade ranch dipping sauce!  

Vegan NFL Players

It’s an exciting time when tons of NFL players are embracing a plant-based diet to optimize their athletic performance. Check out these 10 players who refuse to eat meat. Even players like Tom Brady are touting the power of plants to improve their game! Want even more inspiration? You can find plenty from now-retired vegan NFL player David Carter (aka The 300 Pound Vegan) below. 

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