New Hershey’s Oat Milk Chocolate Bars—Spotted & 100% Vegan!

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It’s always an exciting day when a massive company launches a new vegan products—and even more exciting when they veganize their key staple product! Well, friends, today we spotted a plant-based Oat Milk Hershey’s chocolate bar that’s clearly labeled vegan!

Back in February 2021, the 125-year-old brand Hershey’s announced in a press release that they planned to expand their range of plant-based and “better for you” offerings:

“Hershey will expand its future portfolio to deliver more reduced sugar, organic and plant-based alternatives while also continuing to build its classic array of beloved products. Behind this portfolio growth is a multi-pronged strategy that will continue to advance Hershey’s leadership in confection and snacking.”

Just seven months later, the first of those plant-based chocolate options are here! Meaning vegan chocolate now has a 8 billion dollar company rallying behind its success. That’s something to celebrate.

I Spy Vegan Hershey’s Chocolate Bars!

The Charlotte, North Carolina vegan food truck called Soul Miner’s Garden Food Truck posted a photo of the new Hershey’s oat milk chocolate bar this morning (September, 2021), and it’s nearly breaking the internet. These bars are labeled vegan (with a green “V” vegan symbol) and are rainforest alliance certified.

Hershey’s Oat Milk Chocolate Bar Ingredients

The ingredients in this vegan Hershey’s chocolate bar include: sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, almonds, oat flour, rice flour, lecithin (soy), sunflower oil, sea salt, natural flavor.

We’ve seen two varieties of these Oat Made bars so far: Classic Dark (the pink packaging) and Extra Creamy Almonds & Sea Salt (the blue packaging). Both flavors are non-GMO verified.

It’s only a matter of time before every mainstream company creates vegan versions of their primary options, because the demand is there. But each of these launches is an exciting moment to celebrate.

Beware of the Chocolate Industry Secrets

Sadly, the chocolate industry is quite corrupt. There is a lot of child labor and slavery going on in the chocolate industry, so we recommend choosing conscious, ethical vegan companies when you purchase vegan chocolate.

You can find a list of the best vegan, child-labor-free, and slavery-free chocolate brands here on the Food Empowerment Project website.

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Hershey’s oat milk chocolate bar photos by Sasha Quinn, owner of Soul Miner’s Garden Food Truck. Photos spotted via Big Box Vegan

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