The Best of Vegan in Asheville, NC

The Best of Vegan in Asheville, NC

Looking for a vegan friendly city on the East Coast? Visit Asheville, North Carolina, located in the picturesque Blue Ridge mountains with views that will take your breath away.

There’s no shortage of delicious food that’s vegan in Asheville. In fact, the most difficult part of finding a vegan meal is deciding where to get it! The availability of vegan friendly establishments speaks to the compassionate nature of Asheville’s residents, visitors, and entrepreneurs. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly, with its unique down town area that highlights local breweries, artists, and musicians. If you’re planning a visit, or have been in Asheville for a while, check out the places below. You’ll be glad you did!

Bean Vegan Cuisine

julie massa vegan burger

Super hero themed, and as friendly as can be. Bean Vegan Cuisine is #1 on my list for a reason. The Cowboy Burger brought tears to my eyes it was so surprisingly delicious. We’ve all had those frozen veggie burgers that are good, but nothing to get too excited over. The Cowboy Burger, however, was love at first bite. I mean, who wouldn’t like fried onion rings, barbecue sauce, pickles, and tons of melted Daiya, all on top of a hearty burger on a fresh bun? While you’re there, don’t forget to order dessert. Their giant slices of double chocolate and strawberry “old fashion layer cake” were an absolute treat! Once you’ve devoured the best meal you’ve every had, check out the vegan products that are for sale, like Daiya Cheezy Mac and the out of this world Twilight bar. Seriously my friends, this place will change your life!

The Laughing Seed Cafe

Tucked away in a peaceful corner of downtown, The Laughing Seed is truly a special dining experience. With decor that’s inspired by nature’s beauty, dining here is similar to being inside a bright and airy greenhouse, where they just happen to serve delicious and creative vegan dishes. Check out my full review at The Laughing Seed Cafe!

Rosetta’s Kitchen and Buchi Bar

Vegan Restaurant Sandwich

Rosetta’s Kitchen and Buchi Bar is another downtown hot spot, with the perfect hangout for college kids upstairs, that serves up bar favorites like their award-winning chili and french fries. The first floor is the ideal place to relax and enjoy some fresh kombucha that they offer on tap. The prices are right, and the menu will keep you coming back for more. I tried the avocado and tempeh sandwich, and it was a winner!


vegan cheesecake plate

If you’re in search of a fine dining experience, the locals know that Plant is a must! Their menu features small plates and entrée options that you will not find anywhere else. The (Plant) Cheese includes a super sharp and tangy cheese, a mild cashew cheese, toasted crostini, pickled vegetables, and sliced apples in Rosemary olive oil… the makings of a delicious and fresh snack. For the ultimate treat, try the rich and decadent dark chocolate and peanut butter flavored “Blackout Pie,” that’s served with raspberry sauce and smooth coconut ice cream.

Nectar Nourishing Food and Juice Cafe

Eating at Nectar is similar to dining at a yoga retreat, but instead of doing Crow pose, you can order some beautifully plated, flavorful plant based dishes. The Mac & Cheese was a creamy, flavorful masterpiece, as well as the Garbanzo 2’na Sandwich, was just about the prettiest sandwich I have ever eaten. Check out my full review at Nectar.

THE BLOCK off biltmore

If you’re looking for drinks, food, and lively conversation, check out THE BLOCK off biltmore, Asheville’s first eco-vegan, social justice, solidarity bar. Located in the historic YMI building; circa 1983, THE BLOCK off biltmore takes a new approach to vegan drinks and dining. As soon as you enter the door, you feel the history of the space speak to you, as well as possibilities for the future. THE BLOCK off biltmore features various “food artists” nightly who serve up their own plant-based creations, which can be enjoyed while throwing back a local vegan brew or specialty drink from the bar, and listening to musicians, speakers, and performers. This is truly a space where locals and tourists alike can socialize and network with others in the community, while supporting local, green businesses, cruelty-free food options, and a bright future for all.

Vortex Doughnuts

vegan donuts asheville julie massa

Last but not least, check out Vortex doughnuts. This place is not exclusively veg, but features the best darn donuts you will ever have the pleasure of eating. I’m a regular at this place, and I’m always blown away by how fresh and flavorful these donuts are. Their signature vortex of dark chocolate on top of a sugar covered fried goodness will appear in your dreams, along with the apple fritters and vanilla bean frosted doughnuts. Check out their Instagram for their daily selection, and watch out for their happy hour where you BOGO free.

Thanks for taking a look at the best of vegan in Asheville!

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