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Looking to add more flavor to your usual sandwiches and wraps? Vegan deli meats are the answer! Discover the best vegan deli meat brands and learn how to incorporate them into your meals. You'll enjoy not only added plant-based protein, but a ton of extra flavor!
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A tasty and cruelty-free alternative to traditional deli meats, vegan deli meat offers a range of flavors and textures without any animal products. Made from plant-iful ingredients like soy, wheat gluten, or peas, plant-based deli meats are perfect for sandwiches like these vegan tea sandwiches, vegan wraps, and tasty vegan salads. From smoky slices to spicy sausages, the variety of vegan lunch meat on the market continues to expand, offering something for everyone’s taste buds.

Discover the top brands leading the way in creating tasty, sustainable, and animal-friendly deli meat alternatives!

Best Vegan Deli Meat Brands

When it comes to plant-based protein, the sky’s the limit! Every day, more and more brands are inventing the most delicious vegan cold cut options. Here are the highlights of some of the top vegan deli meat brands, known for their quality, taste, and variety:

Field Roast

Plant-based deli slices from Field Roast are made from grains and vegetables, offering a tasty alternative to traditional deli meats. They come in various flavors, like Smoked Tomato, Lentil & Sage, and Mushroom & Balsamic, as well as classic plant-based pepperoni. All are delicious options for sandwiches and snacks.

A green and black package of Field Roast Lentil and Sage vegan deli slices against a white background.


Meat-free Lightlife deli slices provide a delicious option for sandwiches and wraps. Choose from tasty plant-based flavors of Turkey, Ham, and Bologna. Besides being a good source of protein, these slices are also very low in saturated fat and have no cholesterol. They’re easily found at your local grocery store, as well as available online.

A red box of Lightlife Smart Deli vegan deli slices on a yellow background.

Mia Green Food

Vegan Mia Green Food deli slices are made from natural ingredients, offering a healthier alternative to traditional deli meats. They are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, making them a clean and nutritious choice. With a variety of flavors including Proscuitto, Pepperoni, Spicy Salame, and Carpaccio, Mia Green Food deli slices are perfect for sandwiches, wraps, and vegan charcuterie boards.

Two triangle slices of sandwich containing Mia Foods vegan deli slices on a white plate on top of a striped napkin.

Plant Provisions

Plant Provisions deli slices are a burst of flavor in every bite, crafted with care from wholesome, plant-based ingredients. These slices are a guilt-free indulgence, free from cholesterol and artificial additives, making them a smart choice for your health and the planet. With enticing flavors like Tuscan, Smokehouse, Mesquite BBQ, Chipotle Chili (as well as a variety pack), Plant Provisions vegan deli slices elevate any hum drum meal to a gourmet experience. We love that they are gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and, of course, vegan.

An orange lunch box with bamboo lid and a package of Plant Provisions Tuscan vegan deli slices with a glass of juice and fruit.

Simple Truth

Plant-based Simple Truth deli slices from Kroger are a delicious, cruelty-free alternative to traditional deli meats, made from high-quality, non-GMO ingredients. These slices are cholesterol-free and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, providing a wholesome option for sandwiches and wraps. With flavors like Salt & Pepper Turkey and Black Forest Ham, these vegan sliced meats are an appetizing addition to any meal.

A turquoise and green package of Simple Truth Plant-Based Turkey Style Deli Slices in Salt & Pepper Flavor on a white background.


Vegan deli slices by the cult-classic brand, Tofurky, offers a savory, plant-based substitute for conventional deli meats, made with organic, non-GMO components. These slices are rich in flavor, free of cholesterol, and are a fantastic choice for sandwiches and salads. With selections such as Smoked Ham, Hickory Smoked, Roasted Turk’y, Bologna, Roast Beef, Peppered, and Italian, Tofurky slices promises meals full of flavor.

A brown and orange box of Tofurky Deli Slices in Hickory Smoked against a white background.


Plant-based deli slices from Unreal are a game-changer in the world of meat alternatives. This brand offers a delicious and guilt-free option for salads, sandwiches, wraps, and snacks. Made from natural, sustainable ingredients, these slices are free from cholesterol, saturated fat, artificial colors and flavors. Choose from flavors such as Steak, Corn’d Beef, and Roasted Turk’y.

A package of Unreal Deli Slices in Roasted Turk'y along with a container of fruits, veggies and a cut sandwich.


Choose Worthington vegan deli slices for a savory and satisfying plant-based alternative to traditional deli meats. Made from wholesome, high protein ingredients, these slices are cholesterol-free and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives. With flavors like Pepperoni, Ham, Smoked Turkey, Roast Turkey, Salami, Chicken, and Corned Beef, Worthington plant-powered deli slices are a tasty addition to any meal.

A red and white box of Worthington Plant Powered Deli Slices in Vegan Ham on a white background.


Yves plant-based deli slices are a tasty and nutritious alternative to meat, perfect for adding to any sandwiches, wrap, or as a snack. Made from non-GMO soy and wheat, these slices are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. With flavors like Bologna, Ham, Turkey, Salami, and Pepperoni, Yves veggie slices offer a variety of options for your favorite recipes.

A red and white box of Yves Veggie Cuisine The Good Slice Veggie Deli Bologna.

How To Serve Vegan Deli Meat

Looking to jazz up your meals with something new? This is your go-to guide for serving up these plant-based delights in creative and delicious ways. These ideas might inspire you to think outside the box!

Homemade Vegan Deli Meat

Making your own vegan sandwich meat at home isn’t as complicated at you might think. From classic bacon to spicy salami, homemade vegan deli meats allow you to customize flavors and textures to suit your preferences. Here are some simple and easy-to-follow recipes to create delicious vegan cold cuts right in your very own kitchen:

  • Vegan Salami is a plant-based alternative to traditional salami, made without any animal products. It typically includes ingredients like vital wheat gluten, spices, and sometimes tofu or other protein sources, all formed into a sausage shape and often flavored to mimic the taste of traditional salami.
  • Vegan Bacon is a meat-free alternative to traditional bacon, made from plants. It’s typically created using ingredients like tempeh, tofu, coconut, or eggplant (even carrots!) seasoned and cooked to mimic the taste and texture of conventional bacon strips.
  • Vegan Pepperoni is a cruelty-free twist on the classic favorite, crafted from plant-based ingredients instead of animal products. It’s often a blend of pea protein, spices, and sometimes soy or wheat gluten, offering a similar taste and texture to traditional pepperoni without any animal involvement.
  • Vegan Ham is a crafted from plant-based ingredients to replicate the taste and texture of traditional ham. It’s typically made using methods that infuse savory flavors into ingredients like seitan or tofu.

Don’t forget to add a couple of vegan cheese slices to make your sandwich complete!

Vegan Sandwich Meat FAQs

Is vegan deli meat healthy?

Vegan deli meat can be healthy if eaten in moderation and chosen carefully. Some types may have lots of salt or additives, so it’s best to pick ones with fewer ingredients.

What is vegan deli meat made out of?

Good question! It can be made using various plant-based ingredients, depending on the brand and type. Common ingredients include soy protein, wheat gluten (seitan), tofu, legumes, and grains. These ingredients also employ seasoning and processing to mimic the flavors and textures of traditional deli meats.

How do you store leftover vegetarian deli meat?

To store any leftovers, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or place it in an airtight container. Store it in the refrigerator for up to five days. For longer storage, you can freeze vegan deli meat for up to two months.

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