Luxury Vegan Gift Ideas That Any Herbivore Will Love

Luxury Vegan Gift Ideas That Any Herbivore Will Love

This post kicks off our vegan gift giving series so you can spoil your vegan friends and loved ones this holiday season! Here are 10 luxury vegan gift ideas that almost any herbivore will love.  

1.  A High-Speed Blender: Vitamix or Blendtec 

A brand-new Vitamix or Blendtec blender wrapped up with a bow rings in at numero uno on this list. It’s the gift that can be used almost every day for years to come. A high-speed blender is a godsend, especially for vegans who dream of making the creamiest cashew cheese sauce and most perfectly smooth green smoothies. The price tag keeps many from investing in this themselves, but if you really want to make a friend or loved one squeal, I guarantee this will do it! Unless they already have one, that is. In that case, read on, my friend. 

2.  A Trip to a Vegan-Friendly Destination (Like Portland)

One of the best gifts one can give is an experience, and travel to a vegan-friendly city is bound to be an amazing one. The memories you’ll share on a trip to a vegan metropolis like Portland, Los Angeles, New York City or Berlin will be unforgettable. Make it extra-special by making reservations at a fancy vegan restaurant and planning a surprise visit to a local animal sanctuary!

3.  A Beautiful Vegan Outerwear Piece

One of the beauties of choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle is that suddenly clothing, shoes, and jackets become a lot more affordable. With leather and wool off the table, shopping might typically take place at stores like Target because they use mostly man-made materials.

But guess what? High-end vegan pieces are out there, and the relative rarity makes them that much more special! Several companies exist that make luxury vegan outerwear that any gal or guy would cherish.

Three of those companies are Vaute Couture (now also available all across Europe!), Save The Duck, and HoodLamb. For your classy or professional friend, Vaute Couture makes luxury vegan wool-like jackets for both men and women. For your more outdoorsy friends, Save The Duck makes awesome down-alternative jackets that are extremely high quality, warm, and durable. I have one that I’ve been wearing for years and it’s one of my favorite jackets! And finally, I just discovered HoodLamb and they make super-warm stylish but casual cruelty-free jackets. 

4. A One-Year Subscription to a Vegan Snack Box or Vegan Beauty Box

This is the gift that keeps on giving. By gifting a one-year subscription to one of the many vegan subscription boxes out there, you’re giving the recipient a surprise dose of happiness every single month when he or she finds the box of goodies on their doorstep. We have an entire guide to vegan subscription boxes to help you choose! 

5. A Vegan Meal Delivery Service

We could all use more delicious home cooked meals with less effort, right? Today there are tons of vegan meal delivery services that could be a wonderful treat for someone special. Some of the services send frozen meals to your doorstep that you can simply heat and eat, while others send recipes with all the pre-measured ingredients so you can follow the instructions and make a dish at home from scratch. The first is a great option for the busy mama who would give anything for a little more time in life, and the latter is great for the novice chef who is eager to practice home cooking (vegan-style). A few vegan meal delivery options to check out are Veestro22 Days Nutrition, and Purple Carrot.

6.  Ethical Vegan Jewelry

If you’re going to get your loved one a piece of jewelry, you’ll get infinite bonus points for going the extra mile and getting it from a conscious retailer. I’m talkin’ about a vegan jeweler (yes, they exist!). Some vegan jewelry shop options include Jewels by SJB, YCL Jewels, and Luna Light

7.  A Gorgeous Vegan Handbag

Several vegan handbag companies have emerged over the past few years and offer great options for holiday gifts. A few popular online shops include Matt & Nat, Angela Roi, Stella McCartney, Pixie Mood, Cykochik and Canopy Verde

8.  A Generous Gift Certificate

A gift certificate makes a great gift option when you want to splurge on someone special, but don’t know exactly what they like. Plus, who doesn’t a shopping spree? Some great vegan-friendly gift card options include Herbivore Clothing, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Meaningful Paws, Moo Shoes, Pacifica, or LUSH. These are all shops where a $100+ gift certificate can be easily spent and enjoyed.  

9.  The Ultimate Vegan Getaway 

How about a blissful vegan getaway? Colleen Patrick-Goudreau hosts annual vegan trips for the most adventurous among us. Others vegan retreats to look out for include: VegNews Vacations, Holistic Holiday at Sea, and Blissed Out Retreats. Or you could book a stay at The Stanford Inn By The Sea (a vegan resort in Northern California). 

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