Best Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Boston, Massachusetts

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best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in boston mass
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Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Boston? Worry not, finding great vegetarian restaurants in Boston is way easier than getting into Harvard! From solid spots in Somerville to dairy-free ice cream treasures, there are plenty of delicious vegan options to be discovered when in Boston!

Since its founding in 1630, the bustling city of Boston, Massachusetts has been a pioneer in many fields. Home to the first public school, public park, and subway system in the nation, Beantown natives have set the standard for innovation. For patrons of the arts, bright minds seeking higher education, sports fans and talented athletes, this New England epicenter truly has it all. Fittingly for such a progressive population, the city is also awash in plant-based options.

Pack your walking shoes and leave your car at home; these densely populated streets are best explored on foot. Traverse downtown streets lined with bricks or cobblestones, rich with history beyond what you’ll read in textbooks. After you hit the Freedom Trail, a red brick path connecting many of the city’s most famous historic sites, stroll through the numerous green spaces like the Esplanade on the Charles River, the Back Bay Fens, and Boston Common, and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, you’re guaranteed to work up an appetite. When hunger calls, answer with equally inspiring, creative vegan cuisine from some of the country’s best chefs.

Vegan-Friendly Chain Restaurants

Although fiercely independent, Boston hosts its fair share of national restaurant chains, like any sizable city. It’s not a bad thing when these franchises offer 100% plant-based menus and consistent comfort foods, no matter which location you visit.

  • Veggie Grill: Voted America’s Favorite Vegan Chain by VegNews for three years straight, the critics have spoken, giving this fast-casual establishment two enthusiastic thumbs up. These hearty burgers, bowls, salads, sandwiches, and snacks make it effortless to eat your veggies. 
  • Más Veggies Vegan Taqueria: This vegan taqueria has tacos, nachos, burritos, and bowls available with your choice of plant protein, available for delivery and pick-up only. Spice up your life with these Mexican meals from the creators of Veggie Grill that make any day into a fiesta!
  • Juice Press: Along with antioxidant-rich liquid nutrition, there’s a lot to love beyond the rainbow of fresh juices and smoothies on display. Hot, restorative soups are available by the quart, and you can start the day strong with warm oatmeal bowls, all while stocking up on other grab-and-go raw cookies and superfood snacks.
  • Beatnic: Once known as ByCHLOE from esteemed chef Chloe Coscarelli, the vegan chain restaurant was rebranded after a lengthy legal battle that nearly forced the founding cook out of the kitchen. Thankfully, the healthy homestyle fare that everyone knows and loves remains as fresh and fast as ever. The kale Caesar, guac burger, and mac ‘n cheez tend to get top billing, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Bye bye, by Chloe.
  • Clover Food Lab: This wildly popular brand with over 20 locations across the Northeast serves a primary vegan, purely vegetarian menu. Even omnivores can’t get enough of the BBQ seitan, especially when it’s stuffed inside a warm, fluffy pita bread that’s baked on-site.
Veggie Grill Boston Food Photos with Burger Fries and Buffalo Wings
Veggie Grill Food — Photo Credit: @VeggieGrill Instagram

Vegan Comfort Food in Boston

While the weather may not always be the coziest, you can still count on these eateries for a comforting bite to eat!

  • Veggie Galaxy – Get delicious vegan diner food with out-of-this-world choices from Veggie Galaxy! While not everything on the menu is 100% plant-based, most items are vegan by default or have a vegan option available. Menu highlights include their Vegan Clam Platter (made of fried oyster mushrooms), Galaxy Burger, stuffed French toast, and much more. With so much to choose from you may find yourself going more than once in a day!
  • True Bistro – Located in the cute neighborhood of Somerville, True Bistro serves up plant-forward dishes with plenty of flavor. Their menu changes regularly so be sure to check the website for their latest offerings! One thing is for sure, though—you won’t regret making a trip out to True Bistro while in Boston!

Boston Tea Party — Tea Shops With Vegan Options

The famous act of defiance that changed the course of American history epitomizes the Bostonian spirit to this day. Luckily, there’s more than enough tea to go around now, with coffee, pastries, cakes, and cookies, too! These drinks are too good to land in the harbor, so hang on tight and savor every sip.

  • TeaMoji: Get your best smiley face emojis ready; you’ll need them after the first sip of taro milk tea with brown sugar boba. Most drinks have non-dairy milk options and contrary to most shops that soak their tapioca pearls in honey (which is not vegan), these are sweetened with good old fashioned cane sugar with molasses. For something lighter, try a fruit tea, which is always vegan by default.
  • Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery: Allergy-free is the way to be! All the treats on display here are free of the top nine allergens; that means there’s no gluten, eggs, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, fish, sesame, or soy, making everything vegan by default. Snag a cinnamon bun or monster cookie brownie from this humble outpost in the Boston Public Market to pair with your morning cuppa.
  • Oakleaf Cakes: Wake up to locally roasted coffee, loose leaf tea, and plenty of plant-based treats. Roughly have the menu of pastries are vegan, including cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and brownies. If you’re a budding baker yourself, you can also attend one of their cake decorating classes to step up your skills.
vegan cupcakes farm animals from miss jennifer lees gourmet bakery in boston
Cute Vegan Animal Cupcakes from Jennifer Lee Bakery in Boston (Photo credit: @MsJenniferLee)

Vegan Bakeries, Donuts, & Cakes in Boston

Craving some serious vegan sweets in the City of Boston? Check out these awesomely vegan bakery spots!

  • Union Square Donuts: Making coffee and donut dreams come true is the mission statement here, which is clearly achieved with every batch. Vanilla is great but try adding more color into your life with sweet vanilla-glazed donuts with rainbow sprinkles. Now we’re talking! There are at least 2-3 vegan options 7 days a week, offered alongside a robust espresso program to keep you buzzing all day.
  • Blackbird Doughnuts: Find these fresh doughnuts and strong coffee at six separate locations around town. There are three regular vegan flavors, such as Lemon Coconut, Strawberry Sprinkle, and Mixed Berry Bismark, plus the possibility of extra monthly specials. Made from a tender vegan brioche dough, they’re dangerously light, seeming to melt in your mouth in an instant. It’s hard to resist going back for more.
  • Pavement Coffeehouse: Before you start pounding pavement to explore the city, head to one of eight convenient coffeehouse locations to recharge your batteries. If you prefer a savory start with you cup of Joe, you’ll relish the vegan egg and cheese sandwich on a chewy everything bagel. Plus, when you step up to the (espresso) bar, you can choose from almond, soy, or oat milk. That kind of wakeup call could make anyone a morning person!

Vegan Ice Cream in Boston

Summertime heat and humidity can be pretty oppressive, so cool down with some delicious dairy-free ice cream options.

  • FoMu: Pronounced “faux moo,” FoMu has been churning out the goods in Massachusetts since 2011, steadily gaining ground as a frozen force to be reckoned with. Can’t decide between salted caramel, mint chunk, cookies & cream, or bourbon maple walnut? You might need to try them all! The secrets to their brilliant base are all revealed in their cookbook, so you can start churning as soon as you get home.
  • Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream: Founded in 1975 during the time of peace and love, this ice cream was created to feed the revolution. It’s every bit as progressive today, having introduced small batch vegan scoops to the regular roster. Fudgy chocolate pudding is hard to resist, but it just happens to pair beautifully with just about every other flavor, so I’d highly recommend doubling up!
  • P. Licks: Dairy-free options abound in this conventional scoop shop! You can always expect 2-3 coconut milk frozen creations, with more sweet possibilities than include frappes, banana splits, sundaes, and sorbets. If it’s a bit cold outside, you can take the chill off with a bracing shot of espresso on top, too.
FoMu dairy free vegan ice cream in boston
FoMu Vegan Ice Cream Shop in Boston (Photo credit: @FoMuIceCream)

Asian Vegan Restaurants

It’s not hard to find outstanding Asian cuisine in this portly city! Whether you’re looking for a great vegan Chinese restaurant in Boston or are in the mood for some savory sushi, there are super solid veg-friendly options.

  • Red White: If you want to experience chewy, handmade ramen from a genuine Japanese master chef, Red White should be at the very top of your list. Opened in 2019, it was the very first entirely vegan ramen restaurant in the US and remains every bit as groundbreaking today. No one else is making meatless soboro or Tokyo masala, but you can also build your own bowl to include exactly the toppings you crave. You’ll want to ask for “kaedama,” or “more noodles” to slurp up every last drop.
  • Grasshopper: A cornerstone of the community, you could try a new dish every day at this beloved pan-Asian establishment and never eat your way through the expansive menu. Get all your old takeout favorites and so much more, from orange “chicken” made with seitan, to exotic konjac-based ginger “lobster.” Come in for the lunch specials from Monday to Friday to get a crazy good deal that includes your choice of entrée, soup, and rice or noodles for only $9 at most.
  • My Thai Vegan Café: Those in the know will agree: Hands down, this is the best place to get vegan Thai food for miles around. This comprehensive menu includes all the spicy stir fries, noodles, soups, and salads you could want, with none of the fish sauce, beef stock, or chicken bits you don’t. You can even get curried “duck” to pair with your papaya salad and fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce, completely cruelty-free!
  • Myers + Chang: There’s a steady buzz all through the night in this trendy hot spot created by respected chef and author Joanne Chang. Ask for the vegan menu which focuses on only the best bites, including crispy tofu bao and hakka eggplant. This is the perfect place to impress a hot date or have a fun solo supper.
  • The Elephant Walk: Walk this way for a truly unforgettable dining experience. Clearly labeled dishes make this unique blend of French and Cambodian cuisines accessible to all eaters, and knowledgeable servers can help modify even more to follow suit. Try something new, like Poulet à la Citronnelle made with tofu, to taste what a chef can do given full creative freedom.

Italian Vegan Food in Boston

Owing to the large population of proud Italian immigrants, there’s no shortage of pasta, pizza, and grandmotherly love. Gather around the table for a family meal and mangiamo!

  • Double Zero: Lightly charred crusts come flying from the wood-fired oven just as fast as they’re slid in, pizzaiolos churning furiously to keep up with rapid-fire orders. This is one of celebrity chef Matthew Kenney’s creations, serving 100% plant-based pies topped with homemade cashew cheese. Even the most basic margherita pizza draws rave reviews from omnivorous eaters.
  • Terramia Ristorante: Determined to introduce the world to Italian food that goes well beyond boring red sauce, vegans are invited to partake on this cultural exploration, too. Gourmet creations like creamy asparagus risotto and mushroom gnocchi can easily be made without animal products upon request. The vegan ravioli, served with zucchini, eggplant, red bell peppers, and tomatoes, is by far the bestseller, for obvious reasons.
matthew Kenney double zero pizza boston
Double Zero Vegan Pizza in Boston (photo credit: @DoubleZeroMK)

Healthy Food in Boston

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go overboard with indulgent eats just because you’re on vacation. You can still treat yourself and stay healthy while you do it. These wholesome meals will never leave you overstuffed or underwhelmed.

  • Life Alive: You’ve never felt more alive than when you’ve paid a visit to this vibrant café. Carefully calibrated dishes designed to extract the most nutrition out of every ingredient, everything coming out of the kitchen unprocessed, organic, and totally vegan. While hearty grain bowls, leafy salads, and hot ramen are headlining entrees, you can just as happily recharge with a quick smoothie or açai bowl.
  • Lulu Green: If you think that healthy food can’t also be destination dining, you clearly haven’t tried Lulu Green. The bright, modern space looks like something straight out of Instagram, but with actual substance behind that style. Everything is vegan, including the prosciutto scramble, shawarma sandwich, and legendary desserts baked fresh daily. Take time to linger over your meal and enjoy people watching through the large windows or quaint outdoor seating area.
  • Rhythm ‘n Wraps: Get hot curries in a hurry! This brick-and-mortar vegan eatery started life as a good truck that quickly became an indispensable part of the neighborhood. Funky, fun-loving vibes and worldly spices give this food distinctive character, from the BBQ pulled jackfruit taco to the golden chickpea curry bowl. There are plenty of all-American burgers and sandwiches too, for a true melting pot of flavors.
  • 11:11 Health Bar: They’ve got some smooth movies here, blending up smoothies as luscious and creamy as milkshakes. Veg out with a modest selection of plant-based sandwiches and toast or add more protein power to your favorite drink to keep you powered up through the day. Just ask for no honey to keep any sweet selections vegan.
  • Hare Krishna Temple: Who goes to a place of worship for a meal? Hopefully you, if you know what’s up! Every Wednesday and Sunday evening, you can join the Boston branch of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness for a lecture and discussion, followed by a completely FREE feast of vegetarian delights! If you want a way to meet more compassionate folks while stretching a tight budget, it doesn’t get any better than this.
Life Alive Organic Cafe Avocado Toast and Food in Boston Massachussets
Life Alive Cafe in Boston (Photo credit: @LifeAliveCafe)

Juice Shops in Boston

When your energy is flagging, recharge quickly with a hit of fresh pressed juice! You have plenty of choices in this sea of greens, with lots of naturally sweet whole fruits mixed in.

  • Cocobeet: With a wide variety of juices, salads, and sandwiches prepared with the best that nature has to offer, organic juices, smoothies, breakfast bowls, grab-and-go snacks, and salads are the beating heart of this vibrant café. The meals are packed with superfoods that are nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, and energy dense. That means you can have your veggie quinoa slides, ginger tempeh rolls, and still have raw brownie bites for dessert, too.
  • Mother Juice: Mother always knows best. Don’t worry, these ladies won’t scold you about being late for dinner, but they will make sure you eat healthy, local, and organic. There are four outposts where you can get some motherly love in the form of fresh pressed juices, smoothies, bowls, toasts, and salads, plus locals can enjoy direct delivery to stock up for busy weeks.
  • Juicy Greens: Get all the juicy secrets to feeling great at this juice bar and so-called “wellness bodega.” Beyond liquid nutrition, you can refuel with hearty vegan power bowls or arepas, and also pickup household goods and pantry staples while you’re there. Now that’s one-stop shopping!
  • Energize: This is the place to go when your personal battery is running on low. Superfood salad bowls and liquid meals are central to concept, where you can pick one of the top combinations or build a custom blend. You’ll never struggle to eat your greens again, since you can very happily drink them instead!
  • The Juicery: It seems perfectly fitting that this shop is just a block from the Greenway. It’s a great place to refuel before or after your outdoor adventure, with plenty of whole fruit options that taste like dessert. There is dairy and honey on the menu, but ask for assistance if you’re unsure, and staff will happily guide you to a plant-based blend.
  • Squeeze Juice Company: While the name is fairly generic, the menu is anything but. There are all the predictable classics, from green juice to lemonades, but the real highlight is the savory food. You can get toast made with sweet potatoes, forbidden black rice sushi, and a Beyond Meat taco bowl. Sure, come for the juice, but stay for a meal.

There is no place quite so complex or stimulating as Boston. Deeply rooted in history but constantly evolving with the current era, you can get a glimpse of the past, present, and future all in one densely packed city block. Such a closely knit community fosters kindness like you would expect from a small town, with all the amenities of city living. Get a taste of what you’ve been missing, quite literally, with the best vegan eats New England has to offer.

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We hope you enjoyed this guide sharing the best vegan restaurants in Boston, Massachusetts! If we missed any of your favorite vegetarian restaurants in Boston, we invite you to highlight them in the comments below. Many thanks to Hannah Kaminsky for her help with this article. This article may contain affiliate links that support our work at World of Vegan at no extra cost to you. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you again!

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  2. Taco Party, Koshari Mama, Littleburg in Somerville for entirely vegan menus. Saus @ bow market in Somerville for vegetarian/vegan. Eat at Jumbos (right across from Taco Party) has a good vegan menu too.

    Stoked pizza in Cambridge has an excellent vegan menu. Plant pub in Cambridge- entirely vegan.

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