12 Vegan Shirts & Apparel Brands You’ll Love

Choosing your outfit for the day provides a great opportunity for easy activism. By wearing clothing with a message you can spread awareness and inspire change effortlessly. It’s one of the easiest forms of activism out there! And today there are vegan shirts that fit every fashion preference, enabling you to help animals in style. Here are 12 vegan apparel brands you should definitely know about.

2.  Herbivore Clothing Company

Herbivore Clothing Company Hoodie

2.  Compassion Company

Compassion Company Vegan Shirt

3.  BeetxBeet Apparel

BeetxBeet vegan shirt

4. Vegetaryn

5.  Meaningful Paws

Meaningful Paws vegan shirt

6.  PETA Catalog

Photo from: PETACatalog.com

7.  Vaute Couture 

Vaute Couture Vegan Clothes

8. Hide Beyond

9.  Roots of Compassion

roots of compassion vegan shirt bacon had a mom

10.  Blood Tight Apparel

Blood Tight Apparel vegan shirt

11. Viva La Vegan

Viva La Vegan shirts

12.  The Ultimate Vegan Shirt from VeganShirt.com

vegan shirt

This is just a taste of all the amazing vegan apparel brands out there. In recent years, there has been an explosion of plant-powered entrepreneurs putting their creativity into action and opening vegan clothing companies, so there is no shortage of options out there for you. Enjoy exploring them!

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