Top 6 Vegan Restaurants in London: The Vegan Capital of the World

Top 6 Vegan Restaurants in London: The Vegan Capital of the World

Did you know that we have more readers in London than any other city? London has become one of the vegan capitals of the world. So we had to highlight some of the very best vegan restaurants in London that are inspiring massive waves of people to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. 

Coming from a place where being vegan was “exotic,” to say the least, living in London has been a life-changing experience. It’s such a vibrant city full of buzz and history. I fell in love with its cultural diversity and the endless opportunities open to everyone to explore. When my family and I decided to move here I was a bit scared of the famous “London Fog,” but it’s really not as bad as they say it is.

This city has enchanted me with all it’s unique areas and it’s child-friendly living. But what really blew me away is the vegan scene and the seemingly endless supply of vegan restaurants in London.

Whether you call London home or you’re just visiting, one thing is certain. You’ll have the chance to eat amazing vegan food. I can guarantee that! There are vegan markets everywhere (even vegan Christmas markets!) and almost too many plant-based events to choose from. You can even go on a Vegan Afternoon Tea Bus Tour! I mean, if this doesn’t draw you closer to booking those flights, I don’t know what will.

As you explore London, you’ll find vegan options almost everywhere you go. Vegan restaurants and cafes of every type have settled here, with new ones popping up continuously. It’s so hard to choose the best ones because, to be honest, I want to frequent all of them! But my family usually picks a spot to dine based on the occasion, so…here are my top six favorite vegan restaurants in London for every occasion. 

1. Redemption Bar: The Intimate

This small but extremely charming spot near Westbourne Grove is a gem! An exciting but precise menu with starters like “Corn Chips with Turmeric Hummus and Guacamole” and mains such as “Wild Mushroom Black Rice Risotto” (my favorite!). And the dreamiest “Banoffee Pie” with walnuts and coconut whipped cream. The atmosphere is cozy and romantic and would be ideal for a date night or a more formal catch-up with a friend.

Where: 6 Chepstow Road, London, W2 5BH

2. Juice Baby: The Casual & Quick

This little cafe is located in one of the coolest parts of Westbourne Grove. It already has it’s regulars so avoid going at peak lunch hours. Apart from the freshest and greenest juices, this place has the best Açaí Bowl I’ve ever eaten! They are massive and rich with special made chocolate granola on top. If that’s not enough to lure you in, let me tell you that you can find delicious sandwiches and salads to go or eat in.

Psst! A little tip… you can buy their granola to take home with you!

Where: 181 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2SB

3. By Chloe: The Cool Cravings

This hip restaurant is not a new one if you’ve visited the By Chloe locations in New York or Los Angeles. But it’s special if you think of the fact that it’s in the middle of the hip and lively Covent Garden. They have a location next to tower bridge too!

By Chloe has an easy to order menu that’s ready to please everyone’s cravings. You can find comfort foods like mac ‘n’ cheese and a beautiful array of cookies and cupcakes, as well as much healthier fare. My favorite is the “Quinoa Taco Salad” and the “Classic Burger” but the “Fish & Chips” deserve a special mention! My kids love it there and it’s easy and breezy enough to take them along. You have to try their sweet potato fries with the one and only beet ketchup!

Where: Drury House, 34-43 Russell Street, London, WC2B 5HA

4.  Farmacy: The Pretty & Healthy!

This gorgeous place is full of green and makes you feel like you’re sitting in a Pinterest home inspiration board! Guided by Hippocrates’ motto “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” their menu takes healthy to a whole new level. From syringe shots to pharmaceutical teas, you’re sure to leave feeling more zen than ever.

Don’t be scared by the holistic names on the menu though because the food is amazing! Their “Sweet Potato Falafels” are a must, as is their “Mexican Bowl.” But with such a wide selection of beautifully crafted dishes, it’s really hard to choose. I advise you to look at the (very lengthy) menu beforehand and do your homework. One of the coolest things Farmacy offers is the experience of (vegan) High Tea. If you are visiting London this is a must!

Where: 74-76 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5SH

5. Leaf Wild Cafe: The Breakfast With A Side of Laptop!

Okay, okay, this restaurant isn’t 100% vegan. But it made it onto this list for a reason! This newly-opened vegetarian cafe is charming and cozy. It makes it easy to forget the crazy busy life that’s going on outside its doors. Leaf Wild Cafe is the perfect spot for taking your laptop and working for a couple hours while enjoying a freshly made breakfast.

Their “Buckwheat Pancakes” are to die for, and with a creamy Matcha Latte on the side, this is a match you don’t wanna miss. The vibe is friendly and laid back which is what I always look for in a work-friendly cafe. They even have a room to rent for events if you are planning your next meet-up or workshop!

Where: 156 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5NA

6. Farm Girl: The Quick Brunch!

This is a cool place for sure, and very popular! Hidden in a courtyard at the beginning of Portobello Road, you’ll notice the long queues at lunchtime during weekdays. The Australian-inspired vegetarian menu is perfect for a quick brunch with friends and has plenty of vegan options.

From their “Sunny Oats” and “Avocado Toast” to the amazing “Coconut BLT Sandwich” (my go-to!), you’ ll love it! This cute spot will support your late-morning breakfast cravings extremely well.

And wait! You cannot leave this spot before trying their beautiful (and yummy!) “Rose Latte” or “Lavender Latte.” And don’t forget to check out their Chelsea location!

Where: 59A Portobello Rd, London, W11 3DB

That’s A Wrap!

These are just a few of the many amazing vegan restaurants you’ll find in London. Stay tuned for more!

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