Your Guide to Vegan Jerky

Your Guide to Vegan Jerky

Why not swap that artery-clogging, cholesterol-raising beef jerky for some healthier vegan jerky made from ingredients like soy, wheat, coconut, eggplant, or even mushrooms! Companies are getting really creative with jerky these days, bringing to life flavorful, chewy jerky made entirely from plants. You can see several of the most popular vegan jerky brands below. 

Vegan Jerky Brands

Su Mama Vegan Jerky (my favorite!)

Louisville Jerky Co

Stonewall’s Jerky (only some are vegan)

Primal Strips

Savory Wild Portabella Jerky

Viana Picnicker

Sam’s Harvest Soy Jerky

Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky

Vegan Dream Vegetarian Jerky

This is just the beginning—the vegan jerky space is rapidly growing and we will certainly see new innovation soon. Stay tuned!

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