Second Chances at Harvest Home Farm Sanctuary

Harvest Home is an animal sanctuary in California’s central valley that focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing permanent peaceful homes for discarded farmed animals. 

They are located in Stockton, California, which is right in the heart of farm country about an hour from the state capitol, Sacramento. They provide care for about 200 animals at any given time, giving some of the most abused animals on the planet a second chance. 

Beyond their rescue work, Harvest Home is also very active in humane education. They invite visitors to the sanctuary to meet and learn about the animals, and host events, vegan meals, and speakers every year. They even initiated a “Rescue Readers Club” where they bring farm animals to their local library so kids can read to them as a non-judgemental audience to promote literacy. 

Harvest home is a truly special place. I hope you enjoy this video I filmed with them to bring you along for a virtual tour of their farm sanctuary. May every animal one day have the love, care, and respect that the animals receive at Harvest Home. 

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