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Get cracking in the kitchen with World of Vegan’s awesome vegan egg resources! Whether you’re a vegan pro or just dipping your toes in the plant-based pool, our guides, recipes, and tips for cooking and baking without eggs will have you scrambling to try something new.

With easy egg substitutes, yummy recipes, and clever hacks, you’ll be an egg-spert in no time! So crack open the possibilities and let World of Vegan be your go-to resource for all things vegan egg. How about a tasty vegan frittata, sweet eggless meringue cookies, or a creamy classic vegan crème brûlée?

What's The Issue With Eggs?

Few people are aware of the degree of suffering involved in egg production. In fact, the egg industry is one of the most abusive of all the industries that exploit animals for food.
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