Top 50 Best Vegan Food Blogs You Should Follow

One of the best ways to build a deeper love for vegan food is by following vegan food blogs. There are hundreds of vegan bloggers who have made it their life's mission to transform plants into the most delicious recipes people will love. Here are the best-of-the-best in this ever-evolving niche!
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Top 50 best vegan blogs featuring foodie bloggers.
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Sometimes it feels like there are more vegan bloggers out there than there are stars in the sky, which can leave you totally overwhelmed. Especially when it comes to deciding which vegan bloggers are the best match for your food preferences, budget, and personality.

Well, we thought we should try to make things a little easier for you, so we put together this list of amazing vegan food blogs.

Now don’t get us wrong — it was extremely difficult to choose our top 30! But we thought that these voices covered a wide array of vegan voices and niches out there. We also chose blogs that met three crucial criteria (below).

Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto Friendly Vegan Cookbook

Top Vegan Blog Picks Criteria

  1. High Quality Recipes. The blogs have to have totally delicious and fool-proof recipes. It’s shocking how often recipes online don’t turn out. That’s why World of Vegan now has a team of recipe testers, and our recipes often go through several iterations before they’re published. We very much appreciate other blogs that go to those lengths as well.
  2. Stunning Food Photography. We eat with our eyes first, so it was important to have stunning photography that has you drooling on your keyboard and makes you want to reach through the screen and grab the fork.
  3. Consistent Content. There are thousands of food bloggers who used to create recipes but are no longer actively blogging. Consistent content is important in our ranking factors, and we looked for blogs that regularly release fresh content and update old content. We love to see the inspiring new creative dishes coming into our feed from the food bloggers we follow!

Ultimately, you’ll want to search for food blogs that resonate with your cooking style and preferences. For example, we at World of Vegan focus on fully-vegan comfort food recipes that seldom require specialty ingredients. We make sure our recipes are simple enough for anyone to make, regardless of prior cooking experience, and we keep them as simple as possible so they can easily be incorporated into everyday busy life. We especially love featuring veganized versions of classic recipes that are traditionally made with animal products.

If you’re someone who likes experimenting with bold new ingredients, like jackfruit or kombucha, or who has food allergies, you can always find blogs that cater to your needs. There are vegan blogs focused on every culture, cooking style, and diet. Whether you’re a healthy vegan, junk food vegan, gluten-free vegan, nut-free vegan, soy-free vegan, sugar-free vegan, oil-free vegan, raw vegan, paleo, keto vegan, low-fob vegan, whole food plant-based (wfpb), or anything else, you can find your tribe.

Without further ado, let’s check out our best vegan food blogs!

Best Vegan Food Blogs to Explore

Pick Up Limes

Content Type: Blog; Videos; App

Why We Love Them: Pick Up Limes, founded by nutritionist Sadia Badiei, is a popular food blog celebrated for its inventive plant-based recipes. With a focus on wholesome ingredients, each post combines visually stunning imagery with insightful nutritional commentary. The blog caters to a diverse audience, offering inspiration for both seasoned vegans and those exploring plant-based meals. Pick Up Limes is a go-to resource for delicious and health-conscious culinary experiences.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • Love bright and wholesome food with a global focus
  • Love helpful articles on nutrition and wellness
The plant-filled kitchen of vegan blogger of Pick Up Limes.
Source: Pick Up Limes

Plant-Based on a Budget

Content Type: Blog; Cookbooks; Meal Plans

Why We Love Them: Full disclaimer, Plant-Based on a Budget is run by our dear friend and overall awesome vegan, Toni Okamoto. But if you’re a vegan shopping on a super tight budget, Plant-Based on a Budget is the place to be. Toni’s recipes all feature ingredients that you could find at pretty much any grocery store for reasonable prices, especially if you buy in bulk, but pack the flavor and nutrition of dining on a much higher food budget.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re a vegan shopping on a tight food budget
  • You’re looking for delicious but no-frills vegan recipes that vegans of any cooking skill level can make
Casserole dish with baked vegan scalloped potatoes topped with chives.
Photo credit: Plant-Based On A Budget

Sweet Simple Vegan

Content Type: Blog; YouTube

Why We Love Them: Sweet Simple Vegan is as lovely as its name suggests — Jasmine and Chris work to create wholesome vegan recipes that would be accessible to people of virtually any cooking skill level, background, or food budget. In between their scrumptious recipes, Sweet Simple Vegan also features vegan lifestyle reviews and tips, from traveling in Aruba to holiday gift guides.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want accessible vegan recipes that are chock-full of flavor
  • You want a blog with a healthy mix of recipe and lifestyle information
A vegan chocolate pumpkin mousse tart.
Photo credit: Sweet Simple Vegan

From My Bowl

Content Type: Blog; YouTube

Why We Love Them: Even though From My Bowl is a relatively new blog in the online vegan community, she’s established herself as a reliable voice for vegans who want to follow a plant-based and cruelty-free diet that isn’t pricey or bland, but who also know the importance of treating yourself once in a while.

Aside from dishing out some lovely vegan recipes, many of my From My Bowl’s recipes cater to certain dietary needs, like being grain-free or gluten-free.  From My Bowl also occasionally features vegan lifestyle advice and reviews, such as food diaries from her travels and wellness tips as a vegan.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want vegan food that doesn’t have an ingredient list a mile long, but doesn’t skimp on flavor, either
  • You want a mix of vegan diet and lifestyle advice
A vegan apple crisp with ice cream.
Photo credit: From My Bowl

Jessica in the Kitchen

Content Type: Blog; E-Book; YouTube

Why We Love Them: Jessica in the Kitchen is an inviting and flavorful food blog that centers around Jessica’s culinary adventures. With a passion for vegan cooking, Jessica shares a diverse array of recipes that celebrate fresh, seasonal ingredients. The blog stands out for its emphasis on simplicity, making it accessible for both novice and experienced cooks. Jessica’s warm and engaging writing style, coupled with vibrant food photography, creates an immersive experience for readers seeking delicious and health-conscious plant-based dishes.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You love vegan comfort food with clear process shots
  • You love veganized classics like tacos, casseroles, and pasta
Festive photo of peach bellini cocktails in pretty glasses with a sparkler.
Photo credit: Jessica in the Kitchen

Make it Dairy-Free

Content Type: Blog; YouTube

Why We Love Them: Make It Dairy Free is a dynamic vegan blog that specializes in crafting delicious recipes without the use of dairy products. Founded by Larisha Andrew, the blog caters to individuals with dietary restrictions or those seeking plant-based alternatives to dairy. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, Make It Dairy Free provides a wide range of creative and flavorful vegan recipes, from breakfast to dessert. The blog stands out for its user-friendly approach, offering practical tips and ingredient substitutions to make vegan cooking enjoyable and attainable for everyone.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are looking for dairy-free recipes due to an allergy or dietary preference
  • You are vegan and looking for warm, and comforting recipes
Baking pan of twelve strawberry flavored cinnamon rolls.
Photo credit: Make it Dairy-Free

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Cookbook

Why  We Love Them: Run by the oh-so bubbly and cheery Sam Turnbull, It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken is the place to be for no-fuss vegan recipes that are proof that straightforward recipes can be as delicious as the more complicated ones. Even better, It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken also features vegan recipes for plant-based folk who have additional dietary concerns, like avoiding oil or gluten.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want vegan recipes with ingredients you recognize and can purchase at virtually any grocery store
  • You want vegan recipe and lifestyle inspiration from someone who was initially “bummed” to go vegan
A vegan spaghetti bake.
Photo credit: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Nora Cooks

Content Type: Blog; E-Books

Why We Love Them: Nora Cooks is a standout vegan food blog known for its diverse and delicious plant-based recipes. Created by Nora Taylor, the blog offers a wealth of flavorful dishes that appeal to both vegans and non-vegans alike. Nora’s recipes often focus on using simple, readily available ingredients to create meals that are both accessible and satisfying.

With a strong emphasis on comfort food and family-friendly dishes, Nora Cooks has become a go-to resource for those looking to incorporate more plant-based options into their daily lives. The blog’s visually appealing presentation and Nora’s passion for cruelty-free cooking make it a popular destination for anyone seeking delicious and wholesome vegan recipes.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are craving vegan comfort food with straightforward ingredients and instructions
  • You love luscious recipes, vegan cake recipes, and a huge archive of diverse recipes
Plate of sticky sweet sesame tofu over white rice with chives and chopsticks.
Photo credit: Nora Cooks

The Banana Diaries

Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Cookbook

Why We Love Them: The Banana Diaries is a vibrant and health-conscious vegan blog founded by Britt. Known for its focus on plant-based recipes that are both delicious and nourishing, the blog caters to a wide audience interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle. The Banana Diaries distinguishes itself by featuring creative and often indulgent recipes with an emphasis on vegan baking.

Britt’s approachable style and commitment to sharing her personal journey towards a plant-based lifestyle make the blog relatable and inspiring. With a mix of sweet and savory offerings, The Banana Diaries is a great destination for those seeking inventive and wholesome vegan culinary inspiration.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You love vegan baking recipes
  • Are looking for lots of great vegan baking tips and tricks
Cute gingerbread men cupcakes from popular vegan blog Banana Diaries.
Photo credit: The Banana Diaries

Hot for Food

Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Cookbook

Why We Love Them: Hot for Food has found the perfect medium for creating comfort foods that will constantly surprise your taste buds. From a white chocolate cranberry dessert casserole to golden beet pastrami reuben style sandwiches, Hot For Food is where you should go if you’re looking for spins on the classics — and some of the latest food trends, too!

You’ll Like It If:

  • You’re fine cooking recipes that are time-intensive or long in terms of ingredients
  • You are looking to make your vegan a little more “exciting”
A vegan buffalo cauliflower sandwich.
Photo credit: Hot For Food

Rainbow Plant Life

Content Type: Blog: Cookbook; YouTube

Why We Love Them: Rainbow Plant Life is a popular vegan blog created by Nisha Vora, known for its colorful and visually stunning plant-based recipes. Nisha’s blog stands out for its diverse range of dishes that not only prioritize flavor but also emphasize vibrant, whole-food ingredients. From nourishing bowls to decadent desserts, Rainbow Plant Life showcases a creative and inclusive approach to vegan cooking.

Nisha’s background as a lawyer turned chef adds a unique perspective to her content, providing readers with practical tips and insightful commentary on the joys of a plant-based lifestyle. With a commitment to both taste and aesthetics, Rainbow Plant Life has become a go-to source for those seeking delicious and visually appealing vegan recipes.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You love globally-inspired vegan recipes
  • You are looking for a fun and engaging YouTube channel!
Elegant serving platted with long roasted carrots.
Photo Credit: Rainbow Plant Life

Edgy Veg

Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Cookbook

Why We Love Them:  There’s so much more to being vegan than smoothie bowls and Buddha bowls, and the Edgy Veg wants to introduce vegans and vegetarians to just some of the limitless options out there. From nostalgia-inducing recipes that will give you a sense of hygge (like this vegan butternut squash mac and cheese), Edgy Veg is a must-see for vegans looking to spice up their diet.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re looking to diversify your vegan palate with veganized classics and the latest must-tries (hello, vegan hotpot!)
  • You don’t mind making recipes that can be a little time-consuming or long in terms of ingredients
A saute pan with Marry Me vegan chicken.
Photo credit: The Edgy Veg

Vegan Richa

Content Type: Blog; Cookbooks; YouTube

Why We Love Them: Vegan Richa is an influential and well-established vegan blog created by Richa Hingle. Renowned for its flavorful and globally inspired plant-based recipes, the blog has gained widespread popularity in the vegan community. Richa’s culinary expertise shines through in her diverse array of dishes, ranging from Indian classics to creative fusion recipes. What sets Vegan Richa apart is its emphasis on bold flavors, accessible ingredients, and detailed, user-friendly instructions.

Richa’s passion for vegan cooking is evident in her commitment to creating dishes that are not only delicious but also approachable for cooks of all levels. With an extensive recipe collection and a wealth of tips on vegan living, Vegan Richa is a go-to resource for those seeking a rich and varied plant-based culinary experience.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are looking for solid South Asian dishes with approachable and simple instructions
  • You are looking for great gluten-free recipes or recipes that can easily be adapted to be gluten-free
Indian vindaloo dish made vegan with tofu.
Photo credit: Vegan Richa

World of Vegan

Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Podcast; Cookbooks; Meal Plans

Why We Love It: Oh yes, we’re including ourselves on this list too, because SELF LOVE! When we started World of Vegan, we wanted to create a positive platform bustling with easy-to-make and insanely delicious recipes and lifestyle guides to make vegan living easy, delicious, and fun. We are so happy that with the help of brilliant contributors and our wonderful readers, we’ve expanded into a podcast, meal plans, a cookbook, and more!

Perhaps what we love the most about World of Vegan is that it’s for pretty much anyone who aspires to live a plant-based lifestyle, whether you’re going vegan for ethical or health reasons, or if you just want to dabble in it to mix up your week. Plus, World of Vegan’s recipes go through a rigorous testing process thanks to our team of recipe testers to ensure that the recipes you find here will come out great and be a big hit.

You’ll Like It If:

  • You like tasty but simple recipes that rarely require specialty ingredients
  • You’re looking for information about going vegan and vegan recipes that are useful for people of practically any budget or background
  • You’re looking for a great resource to share with friends or family interested in trying vegan
Vegan pizza rolls stacked on a plate with dipping sauce.
Photo: World of Vegan

Olives for Dinner

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: Olives for Dinner is a distinctive vegan food blog created by Erin Wysocarski, renowned for its innovative and globally inspired, plant-based recipes. This blog sets itself apart by focusing on elevated and artfully presented dishes that challenge traditional perceptions of vegan cuisine. Erin’s culinary creativity is evident in her unique flavor combinations and use of diverse, often unexpected ingredients.

The blog often features vegan seafood and comfort food recipes, showcasing a commitment to exploring the rich and diverse world of plant-based cooking. With stunning photography and a dedication to culinary exploration, Olives for Dinner is a go-to destination for those seeking sophisticated and visually appealing vegan recipes.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You love vegan seafood recipes
  • You love vegan comfort food and enjoy the process of cooking as much as you do eating
Vegan gochujang cauliflower.
Photo credit: Olives for Dinner

Rainbow in My Kitchen

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: If you’re a vegan who likes to whip together vibrant and Pinterest-worthy creations, you’re going to adore Rainbow in My Kitchen.

Run by a couple in Croatia, Rainbow in My Kitchen features an ever-more delectable selection of vegan, gluten-free recipes that are stunningly colored and feature whole, unrefined, or minimally-processed ingredients. While many of these recipes do feature many specialty ingredients and maybe a little time-consuming to create, they would make for a great addition to your next dinner party or holiday.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • Are looking for a little more time-intensive but gorgeous recipe to make
  • Prefer gluten-free vegan recipes made from whole, unrefined, or minimally processed ingredients
The most beautiful purple soup made witht sweet potatoes.
Photo credit: Rainbow in My Kitchen

The Simple Veganista

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love It: We love being vegan, but it’s not a diet that easily lends itself to affordability or time efficiency at first-glance. Julie at The Simple Veganista started her blog back in 2012 to show people that’s entirely possible to eat a nutritious vegan diet without all sorts of fancy do-dads or spending an arm and a leg. To borrow her quote: “Eating vegan is not about restrictions, it’s about creating new habits, healthy habits that encompass the world around us making it a better place for all.” The Simple Veganista’s recipes are vegan-friendly and are geared towards American cuisine, although she does post raw recipes from time to time.  

You’ll Like It If:

  • You’re looking for American-style recipes
  • You’re looking for advice on raising a vegan family
A bowl of vegan lemon chickpea orzo soup.
Photo credit: The Simple Veganista

Olive Wood Vegan

Content Type: Blog; Cookbook; Classes

Why We Love Them: The Olive Wood Vegan blog has produce-driven recipes that are so homey yet so fancy! Created by Cordon Bleu–qualified chef Katie White, she focuses on seasonal, low-waste, and accessible ingredients that will wow your guests at your next dinner party.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are looking for dinner party-worthy recipes that use plant-based, seasonal ingredients
  • Have an interest in vegan, low-waste cooking
Appetizers made from polenta squares topped with zucchini and tomato.
Source: Olive Wood Vegan Blog

Vegan Yack Attack

Content Type: Blog; Cookbooks

Why We Love Them:  Vegan Yack Attack is one of the longest-running vegan food blogs out there, and with recipes like Air Fryer BBQ lentil meatballs and buffalo chickpea ranch pizza, it’s not hard to see why. Most of Vegan Yack Attack’s recipes lean towards American- and Southwestern-style dishes, but with hundreds of delicious recipes, there’s something for everyone on her website. Vegan Yack Attack’s recipes can have long ingredient lists and require some specialty ingredients, but they’re a must-see for vegans who know their way around a kitchen and who want meals that pack a flavorful punch.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You enjoy American-inspired and Southwestern-inspired recipes
  • You’re comfortable cooking recipes that are a little more intensive or require specialty ingredients
Vegan buffalo chickpea nachos on a baking sheet.
Photo credit: Vegan Yack Attack


Content Type: Blog; Cookbook; YouTube

Why We Love Them: Veggiekins is a popular vegan blog created by Remy Morimoto Park. Known for its vibrant and health-conscious content, the blog offers a variety of plant-based recipes, wellness tips, and lifestyle inspiration. Remy’s approach focuses on creating delicious and nourishing dishes, often with a holistic view of well-being.

The blog also features aesthetically pleasing and carefully styled food photography, making it visually appealing for readers. Veggiekins has gained a following for its accessible and inclusive approach to veganism, making it a valuable resource for individuals interested in plant-based living.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are looking for veggie, gluten-free, whole foods/plant-based, free of refined sugar and without added oil
  • You are looking for smaller portioned meals with simple instructions and ingredients
Vegan Korean Bibimbap bowl with fresh veggies and tofu.
Photo credit: Veggiekins

Rainbow Nourishments

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: Rainbow Nourishments is a vegan blog created by Anthea Cheng. Anthea is known for her vibrant and visually stunning plant-based recipes, often featuring colorful and nourishing ingredients. The blog showcases a variety of dishes, including desserts, breakfasts, and savory meals, all with a focus on creating a visually appealing and nutritionally balanced plate.

Anthea’s approach often involves incorporating a diverse range of plant foods, and her recipes may be influenced by various cuisines. The blog not only provides delicious recipes but also emphasizes the beauty of plant-based eating.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are looking for simple vegan baking recipes with a twist
  • You believe in the power of food to connect, and a way to be kind to yourself, others, and the environment
Pink and red cupcakes topped with strawberry frosting.
Photo credit: Rainbow Nourishments

Sweet Potato Soul

Content Type: Blog; Cookbook; YouTube

Why We Love Them:

Sweet Potato Soul is a popular vegan blog and YouTube channel created by Jenné Claiborne. Known for its warm and inviting approach to plant-based living, the blog features a variety of delicious and soulful vegan recipes, with an emphasis on whole, plant-based foods. Jenné often incorporates her Southern roots into her cooking, infusing classic comfort food with a vegan twist.

The blog covers a wide range of recipes, including hearty main dishes, comforting soul food classics, and indulgent desserts. Jenné shares not only her love for plant-based cooking but also her journey towards a healthier lifestyle. With a focus on accessible ingredients and straightforward instructions, Sweet Potato Soul has become a go-to resource for those looking to explore and enjoy flavorful vegan cuisine.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You enjoy warm and inviting YouTube recipe videos
  • Luscious vegan desserts and veganized comfort food classics
Setting the holiday table with Sweet Potato Soul.
Source: Sweet Potato Soul Blog

The Buddhist Chef

Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Cookbook

Why We Love Them: Run by a classically-trained chef, The Buddhist Chef offers vegan and cruelty-free recipes that are anything but boring.  With recipes ranging from vegan creme brulee to portobello steaks and sushi balls, The Buddhist Chef’s recipes are incredibly flavorful while also being surprisingly short in terms of ingredients.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You prefer vegan recipes that are insanely delicious but not too complicated to prepare
  • You want vegan recipes that are practically guaranteed to be delicious (they were designed by a classically trained chef, after all)
A vegan burger with sauce, tomato, and lettuce.
Photo from: The Buddhist Chef


Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Cookbook

Why We Love Them: BOSH is incredibly transparent in its mission: they’re “here to help everyone eat more plants!” But at Bosh, you’re not going to find humble salads and quaint bowls of oats — you’re going to find recipes like PB&J French toast and bacon cheeseburger Hasselback potatoes that will have your stomach growling! Many of the recipes on BOSH can be a little long in terms of ingredients or cooking steps, but trust us, it’s all worth it!

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re looking for innovative restaurant-quality vegan recipes to spice up your diet
  • You want to spice up your meals with something a little more complicated but a heck of a lot more flavorful
How to Make Vegan Crumpets Topped with Peanut Butter Jelly Avocado and more
Source: The BOSH Cookbook

Oh She Glows

Content Type: Blog; Cookbooks

Why We Love Them: Oh She Glows is one of the oldest vegan food blogs out there, and with good reasons — all of her recipes are so awesome! Oh She Glows focuses on plant-based recipes that are appealing to both vegans and the non-vegans they love, with many of the recipes excluding certain common allergens. If you’re someone who thinks that following a vegan diet is an insurmountable challenge,  you’ll find Angela’s story (and content!) immensely inspiring.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want veganized versions of your favorite classic (often American-style) recipes
  • You’re interested in recipes that would appeal to all members of your family as you transition to a vegan lifestyle
A bowl of basic chia seed pudding with fruit in a bowl.
Photo credit: Oh She Glows

Fork & Beans

Content Type: Blog; Cookbook

Why We Love Them: If you have kids, or like playing with your food, you must check out Fork & Beans. Not only does she have the cutest recipe photos that you ever did see, but she also has many recipes that are designed to exclude certain allergens but are still kid-friendly in taste and design. Many of Fork & Bean’s recipes also feature a small craft component (like these Mayflower pudding cups) for some extra fun for your kiddos and of course some wonderful memories!

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want kid-friendly vegan recipes
  • You want to create adorable vegan creations for children’s celebrations
Peanut butter celery owls on a plate.
Photo credit: Fork & Beans

Keepin’ It Kind

Content Type: Blog; Cookbook

Why We Love Them: Run by a former fromagier (and her husband) who, by her own admission, thought that she could never follow a vegan diet, Keepin’ It Kind is a fun blog dedicated to showing others that “kind food is the key to a kinder world.

Keepin’ It Kind’s recipes run the gamut from American-style recipes like this vegan Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich to more international fare, like this bahn mi-less bahn mi bowl, but all recipes do show that you don’t have to deprive or bore yourself as a vegan. In fact, it can be quite fun!

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re looking for a mix of American-inspired and international recipes
  • You’re looking for advice and recipes from someone who loves being vegan, but once thought that she could never be a vegan
Two bowls of Thai peanut tofu and sweet potato bowls.
Photo credit: Keepin’ It Kind


Content Type: Blog, Instagram

Why We Love Them: EhVegan is #InstagramGoals. Their recipe photos are so gorgeous they should be featured in magazines. In fact, they’ve been blowing up on Instagram because of their smoothie bowls that are 100% #BreakfastInspiration.

But EhVegan doesn’t offer you inspirational photos and recipes — their website also covers a vast spread of lifestyle topics, from travel in Hawaii to nutrition and product reviews.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re looking for both vegan lifestyle tips and recipes
  • You prefer consuming content on Instagram
A skillet with fully loaded vegan nachos.
Photo credit: EhVegan

The Sexy Vegan

Content Type: Blog; YouTube; Podcast

Why We Love It: So many blogs out there feature veganized Italian staples, like pizza and stuffed shells. But The Sexy Vegan takes vegan Italian cooking to the next level with relatively uncomplicated recipes like green pea risotto and pan-fried semolina cakes that will make your taste buds sing. The Sexy Vegan also features some non-Italian recipes as well, like salted chocolate truffle vegan ice cream. So if you excuse us, we need some time to deliberate on which of The Sexy Vegan’s recipes we should make next!

You’ll Like It If:

  • You’re looking for Italian-inspired recipes with reasonable-length ingredient lists
  • You want recipes that would work well for a weekday dinner or a fancier affair for guests
A vegan Philly cheesesteak.
Photo credit: The Sexy Vegan

Dora’s Table

Content Type: Blog; YouTube

Why We Love It:  I’m based in California, so I’ve pretty much had my share of heavenly Mexican food (especially of my fav, burritos).  But when I feel like making something homemade, Dora’s Table is my go-to — and definitely should be on your radar if you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine.  

Dora Stone of Dora’s Table has been able to strike the delicate balance between retaining the flavor and authenticity of dishes from around Mexico while also making them vegan-friendly and (mostly) healthy. From these vegan fish tacos inspired by the fish tacos of Baja California Norte to a pre-Colombian champurrado, Dora’s Table’s recipes offer a gastronomic tour of Mexico for vegans who are looking for traditional Mexican recipes.

You’ll Like It If:

  • You enjoy Mexican cuisine
  • You’re a vegan looking to sample authentic regional dishes from around the world
A piece of vegan tres leches cake.
Photo credit: Dora’s Table

Tiff Loves Tofu

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: Tiffany, the creator of Tiff Loves Tofu, has always believed that food is more than a source of nourishment – it is a reflection of the story we tell ourselves and the thread that weaves us all together. In early 2020, Tiffany decided to combine her passion for veganism, her cultural identity as an Asian-American, and her love for cooking into the form of a food blog and recipe videos.

Food is one of the most natural ways we can take care of ourselves and bond with other people, so it was instinctive for her to choose to begin sharing her experiences with an online audience. She has since dedicated her efforts to creating innovative and flavorful vegan Asian-inspired recipes for beginner-to-experienced home cooks.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You love simple, plant-based, Asian-inspired recipes
  • You love finding veganized versions of Asian classics as well as comfort food classics
A bowl of vegan Buddha's delight.
Photo credit: Tiff Loves Tofu


Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: Raepublic is created by Rae who has an MS in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Her aim is to assist people who have experienced trauma to live a more holistic, well-balanced life through nutrition, plant-based eating, sustainable living, mindfulness, and movement. Choose from 30-minute, seasonal, gluten-free, raw, refined sugar-free, and more recipes designed to support a healthy lifestyle!

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are looking for super-healthy and nourishing dishes, broken down into helpful categories
  • You love a food blog that’s clean, beautifully designed, and easy to navigate
Matcha chia pudding in a glass jar.
Photo credit: Raepublic

The Minimalist Vegan

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: The Minimalist Vegan, an oasis of simplicity in the world of plant-based living, stands out for its refreshing and uncomplicated approach to veganism. Founded by Michael and Maša Ofei, this blog is a treasure trove of minimalist living and veganism seamlessly blended. Michael and Maša share their journey and insights into a lifestyle that focuses on the essentials, inspiring readers to embrace a more intentional and clutter-free existence.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re drawn to the beauty of minimalist living intertwined with the vegan lifestyle.
  • You appreciate straightforward and practical advice on adopting a plant-based and minimalist approach.
  • You seek delicious, no-frills vegan recipes that align with a minimalist philosophy.
Michael and Maša Ofei of The Minimalist Vegan.
Photo credit: The Minimalist Vegan

Plant You

Content Type: Blog; Recipes; Meal Plans

Why We Love Them: Plant You is a dynamic hub for anyone aspiring to embrace a plant-based lifestyle with confience and flair. Founded by Carleigh Bodrug, this blog is a vibrant celebration of the incredible possibilities within plant-based cooking. Carleigh’s passion radiates through her diverse range of recipes, empowering both beginners and seasoned vegans alike. What sets Plant You apart is its holistic approach, offering not just recipes but also invaluable resources like meal plans and courses, making the transition to a plant-based lifestyle seamless and enjoyable.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re looking for a comprehensive resource that goes beyond recipes, providing meal plans and courses for a successful plant-based journey.
  • You appreciate a blog that caters to varying skill levels, ensuring accessibility for all.
  • You seek a colorful array of plant-based recipes that prioritize both taste and nutrition.
Brussels sprouts salad in a bowl.
Photo credit: Plant You

Purely Kaylie

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: Purely Kaylie, a captivating blog led by Kaylie Grace, is a haven for those seeking a delightful fusion of vibrant vegan recipes and wellness inspiration. Kaylie’s creations are not just visually stunning but also emphasize nourishing, whole-food ingredients. Beyond the blog, Purely Kaylie extends its reach through engaging YouTube content and insightful e-books, making it a go-to destination for those looking to elevate their plant-based culinary experience.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You are drawn to visually appealing and health-conscious vegan recipes.
  • You enjoy a multi-dimensional approach to plant-based living, including recipes, e-books, and engaging video content.
  • You seek a balance between delicious indulgence and mindful wellness in your vegan journey.
A bowl of vegan Thai red curry.
Photo credit: Purely Kaylie

Eat Figs, Not Pigs

Content Type: Blog

Why We Love Them: Eat Figs, Not Pigs, curated by Amanda Nicole Smith, is a delightful rendezvous for those enchanted by the intersection of cruelty-free living and delectable plant-based cuisine. Amanda’s blog is a treasure trove of inventive recipes that showcase her passion for creating dishes that are not only compassionate but also bursting with flavor. From mouth-watering main courses to tempting desserts, Eat Figs, Not Pigs strikes the perfect balance between ethical choices and culinary indulgence.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re on the lookout for inventive and delicious vegan recipes that prioritize taste and creativity.
  • You appreciate a blog that effortlessly combines cruelty-free living with a love for diverse and flavorful plant-based dishes.
  • You seek a warm and inviting space that encourages a compassionate and conscious approach to food.
A tray of vegan mini chili cheese dogs.
Photo credit: Eat Figs, Not Pigs

The Cinnamon Snail

Content Type: Cookbook; Blog

Why We Love Them: The Cinnamon Snail is not just a food truck; it’s a gastronomic adventure on wheels. Led by Adam Sobel, this mobile haven of plant-based delights has won the hearts of food enthusiasts far and wide. The Cinnamon Snail’s blog extends the joy by sharing glimpses into the culinary magic that happens within the food truck. Adam’s inventive and mouthwatering creations, coupled with his commitment to sustainability, make The Cinnamon Snail a beacon for those seeking delicious and eco-conscious vegan fare.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You enjoy a fusion of inventive plant-based cuisine served from a mobile kitchen.
  • You appreciate a blog that not only showcases delicious recipes but also provides a behind-the-scenes look at a renowned food truck.
  • You seek a delightful blend of culinary creativity and sustainable, eco-friendly practices.
A bowl of vegan chicken noodle soup.
Photo Credit: The Cinnamon Snail

Exploring More Vegan Inspirations

In addition to our highlighted vegan food blogs, we’re excited to share some additional sources that bring their unique perspectives to the world of plant-based delights:

It’s Liv B

Dive into the delightful creations by Liv B, where simplicity meets flavor, offering a fresh take on accessible and enjoyable plant-based recipes.

HealthyGirl Kitchen

Olivia Biermann’s space is a celebration of a balanced vegan lifestyle, sharing not just recipes but a wellness journey that inspires and uplifts.

Better Food Guru

Discover a diverse culinary world with Yovana Mendoza, whose blog embraces various dietary preferences, ensuring everyone finds a delicious home in plant-based living.

Plant Based RD

Dr. Reshma Shah’s blog stands as an evidence-based guide, offering insightful recipes and nutritional wisdom for those on a health-conscious plant-based path.

That Vegan Babe

Emily Dixon’s blog is a warm embrace of cruelty-free living and mouthwatering vegan dishes, inviting you to join her on a compassionate journey.

Plant Baes

A collaborative effort by passionate plant-based enthusiasts, Plant Baes shares a wealth of vegan recipes, lifestyle musings, and nutritional insights, creating a delightful tapestry of plant-based exploration.

The Little Blog of Vegan

Holly Jade’s charming blog is a treasure trove of vegan recipes, product love, and lifestyle inspiration, inviting you to savor the beauty of compassionate living.


Stefanie Iglesias’ exploration of the versatile jackfruit unfolds in creative recipes, highlighting the endless possibilities of this plant-based ingredient.

Chef Bai

Chef Bai’s culinary haven welcomes you to a world of plant-based expertise, offering innovative recipes seasoned with a touch of culinary artistry.

Healthy Simple Yum

Les and Vince’s blog is a comforting space where easy, wholesome vegan recipes reign, making plant-based cooking a joyful and accessible experience for all.

Heartful Table

Explore Heartful Table’s culinary sanctuary, where plant-based recipes intertwine with mindfulness, inviting you to savor every bite with a touch of compassion

The Curious Chickpea

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with The Curious Chickpea, where vibrant flavors and inventive plant-based recipes unfold, inviting you to indulge in a world of delicious curiosity.


Step into Nutriciously’s nurturing space, where a wealth of whole-food, plant-based resources awaits, guiding you on a journey towards vibrant health and sustainable living.

What’s Your Favorite Vegan Blog?

This is only a tiny sampling of all the fantastic vegan blogs out there. Do you have a favorite we missed? Give them a shout-out in the comments below! While you’re waiting for more vegan blog posts, check out our Top 18 favorite vegan podcasts!

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