Guide to Vegan Girl Scout Cookies

Guide to Vegan Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for more than a hundred years—since 1917 to be exact. Today, they sell upwards of 200 million boxes of cookies per year. Yowzer, that’s a lot of cookie dough, am I right? From late January through mid-March, Americans flock to the scouts to place their orders for cookies, and you better believe animal lovers are eager to get in on this annual cookie frenzy too. 

Well, you’re in luck. Several of the varieties of Girl Scout cookies are in fact vegan! Plus, they launched new chocolate-dipped S’mores vegan Girl Scout cookies in 2017. Here’s what to look for when the next Girl Scouts season rolls around.

Vegan Girl Scout Cookies:

  • Thin Mints (always vegan—hurray!)
  • Girl Scout S’mores (only when baked by ABC Bakers—not to be confused with these which are not vegan)
  • Peanut Butter Patties (only when baked by ABC Bakers—their twins called Tagalongs are not vegan)
  • Thanks-A-Lot (only when baked by ABC Bakers)
  • Lemonades (only when baked by ABC Bakers)

It’s important to note that there are two different baking companies that produce Girl Scout cookies for different regions—ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. Each uses different ingredient formulas, so be sure to double check the ingredient labels for any cookies you purchase.

You can find your local scout using this handy tool—and be sure to thank them for offering vegan options! 

Now we just need to campaign for all Girl Scout Cookies to be vegan. Take action right now by sending a message politely asking that Girl Scouts of America use compassionate, healthy, and sustainable vegan ingredients in all their cookies, as well as chocolate that is slavery-free. Who knows, maybe this time next year we’ll be publishing an article about vegan Samoas. A girl can dream, right? 

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