10 Luxury Vegan Beauty Brands The Industry Is Raving About

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It’s a great time to be a vegan beauty lover right now. The eco beauty-revolution has brought ethics—with regards to our health, animal rights, and the environment—to the forefront of the public consciousness. Even executives within the industry have begun pointing out the importance of vegan beauty in the market.

Sue Yousef Nabi, founder of luxury vegan skincare line, Orveda, explains:

Vegan skincare is not a trend; It’s the future. Using animal products (including byproducts) in skincare is not only allergenic, it’s unnecessary. It took us three years to find vegan alternatives to ingredients or fillers—but we did it, and it was worth it.”

With powerful allies within the upper-echelons of businesses, ethically-responsible beauty brands are gaining recognition among informed consumers. Because of this, animal-lovers can be sure that the beauty industry is evolving in a more ethical direction overall.

Of course, clean, green, and indie beauty brands are distinct from the vegan beauty niche; however, they often overlap. With specialty retailers on the rise—like The Detox Market, Follain, CAP Beauty, and Credo Beauty, to name a few—smaller, lesser-known, vegan-friendly lines have bypassed their typical competitors and are rising to prominence thanks to the efforts of these specialty stores.

With a whole new world of vegan beauty lines at my fingertips, I have been personally testing them like crazy. The fact is, they are slowly—but surely—rendering irresponsible beauty brands obsolete. Below are 10 of the industry’s most-raved-about vegan beauty lines in skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. Shop my favorites below!

Seraphine Botanicals

Did someone say superfood-infused cosmetics? I love putting raw, food-grade products on my skin, which harness nature’s power in full force. So, nutrient-dense, superfood-filled makeup is not such a leap to make. Spinach mascara, cherry lip and cheek butter, and an antioxidant-rich Goji-infused ethereal glow palette of four different highlighters are a few of the line’s fun makeup picks to choose from.


I first fell in love with the line after spotting Bodyography Glitter Pigment on the celebrity makeup artist, Katie Jane Hughes, but their whole line is well-received from their Foundation Primer to their Concealer. They have everything from concealer and tinted moisturizer, to a widening mascara and new highlighter. Tip: Glitter Pigments are based in an ultra-light gel-like texture that brings incredible sparkle but doesn’t budge.

Olive + M

This entire line is luxuriously clean and nourishing; gentle is the name of their game. From their cleansing oil blend—the perfect first step to your K-Beauty-inspired double-cleanse made from a blend of olive, hemp, castor oil, and more—to their sumptuous oil-infused body and facial scrubs, you simply cannot go wrong. Their newest launch is a shimmering body oil that will help keep you feeling and looking glowing, nourished, and hydrated during the summer-to-fall transition.


Orveda is my luxury anti-aging pick. This exclusive line proves that eco-beauty is where it’s at, providing nature-powered benefits that are backed by science. The line’s founder firmly believes in the cause of vegan beauty and is bringing the French-made line to prominence in the luxury beauty sector. Incorporating Ayurvedic and Naturopathic principles, their ingredients—like fermented Kombucha, tea, prebiotics, marine enzymes, and barrier-repairing ceramides—aim for cosmetic-like results to let you go makeup-free.

Pai Skincare

Made in London, this company is named after the Maori word “pai”, meaning “goodness,” which is the foundation of their brand. They are committed to high ethical standards and never test on animals. They also use sustainable plant ingredients and choose recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible. That’s the kind of company I can get behind!

Luna Nectar

Ever wanted to try an eyelash lengthening or brow-boosting product for fluttery lashes or fuller arches? Moon Boost is the answer to your animal-loving prayers. An interview with celebrity brow specialist Christopher Drummond confirmed the merits of the company’s all-natural ingredient list, containing the best follicle-stimulators for your lids (i.e. castor oil, biotin, and burdock root extract, etc.). Tip: I personally like to apply drop or two of their newest facial oil—Luna Nectar Heliophilia—to soothe and treat spots of eczema on my scalp!

Londontown Vegan Nail Lacquer

Forget nail-shredding gel manicures and toxic polishes—Lakur has it all. They have a huge line of nail colors to choose from in all sorts of finishes. On top of their assortment of color, the line offers two other customer favorites, including a long-lasting, durable top-coat and a life-changing product for fixing chips and dents.

Marmur Metamorphosis

Meet the smart skincare line that will diagnose and treat your skin’s unique needs. Answer a 10-question quiz, upload a selfie, and discover the serums and masks to target your skin’s changing needs. Designed to be sensitive enough for post-laser skin, the app guides you through the various formulations for balancing, nourishment, and anti-aging needs. Tip: Their masks aren’t just for the face—you can try one for the neck and body, too!

R + Co

The founder of the line knows his way around hair-friendly products that rock incredible, visible results. My personal favorite is a moisturizing, glossing creme that can be used before blow-drying or air-drying called High Dive. Their newest launch is a glossifying dry hair oil spray that can do everything from reducing frizz, to loosening girls, giving hair a coveted, undone look. While Kevin Murphy’s shampoos, conditioners, and masks are my favorite, R+Co makes some of my fave vegan styling products.


You may have come across Pureology if you’ve ever gotten your hair colored in a salon. They’ve been around since 2011 and are on a mission to create the very best products for color-treated hair—without sacrificing their ethics. That’s why they keep their entire line 100% vegan.

Cover photo of Jessica Ourisman by Jodee Debes Photography

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