8 Reasons to Love Gunas Vegan Handbags

8 Reasons to Love Gunas Vegan Handbags

Lucky for animals, the vegan fashion scene is exploding! With all of the modern manmade materials available to us today, there is absolutely no reason we should be exploiting animals for their skin and fur. Without a doubt, they need it more that we do.

At the forefront of vegan fashion are a few game-changing companies who are paving the way for others to follow. Companies like Vaute Couture, Brave Gentleman, and Gunas New York were founded by activists, and are on a mission to bring compassionate style to the world.

Today we are excited to introduce you to one of those companies: Gunas! Gunas specializes in vegan handbags, but they also make vegan wallets and occasional specialty items like message-driven keychains. And they were so kind as to offer an awesome giveaway prize for you (enter below) and 10% off for our readers (use the code WORLDOFVEGAN at checkout)! 

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Why We Love Gunas

1. They’re 100% vegan, and they’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops! 

2.  They are mission driven. One peek at the Gunas website and you’ll see that animal protection plays a role in nearly every aspect of the company—from the man-made materials they use to the vegan quotes and messages they share on their site. 

3. They are at the forefront of high fashion! Hemp wallets and canvas knapsacks are wonderful (holler to all my fellow vegan hippies!) but Gunas is bringing compassionate fashion straight to the star-studded runway. They prove that there is zero style sacrifice when it comes to living ethically. 

4. Their website is sprinkled with positive messages meant to inspire positive action. The Gunas site is a beautiful watercolor work of art with sweet animals incorporated throughout sharing statements like “Wear fake for animals sake” and “I’m not a leather bag.” 

5.  They are redefining how business operates. They are “creating design that affects the triple bottom line: People, planet ONLY then profit.” If this is how every business operated, imagine how different our world would be. 

6. Even the Gunas logo carries a positive message. The heart-shaped knot means knot of infinite love. “Love for animals, nature and the people that make our bags. It is a constant reminder of who we are and what our purpose is with our label.” 

7. They do not produce seasonal collections. Gunas knows that overproduction and overconsumption are major contributors to environmental degradation, and to combat that issue in a small way, they do not have seasonal collections. When they add new styles those bags become part of their standard collections. “We believe that businesses and consumers both share an equal responsibility in maintaining a clutter free world plagued by the current trend of excessive Consumption and abuse of our natural resources.”

8. They give back. Gunas supports nonprofits, animal advocates, and other vegan businesses through donations, collaborations, and sponsorships. They are a team player in working for better world. 

GUNAS Vegan Equality

This post was sponsored by Gunas New York. The thoughts and ideas within this article are our own. We only feature companies that we truly adore! 

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