Moby’s Vegan Restaurant Little Pine is Changing the World

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In our latest video, we’re taking you inside Moby‘s restaurant Little Pine in Los Angeles, California. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with Moby so he could tell you a little more about the power of choosing plant-based foods and why he opened Little Pine.

Little Pine is a completely vegan restaurant that is extra-special because 100 percent of the profits benefit animal rights organizations. Through delicious vegan food and a trendy modern ambiance, Little Pine creates an experience that leaves many Los Angeles foodies thinking, “Wow—I didn’t know that vegan food could do this.”

Moby wanted to create a bricks-and-mortar representation of what veganism can be to show his Los Angeles comrades that it’s not only possible to align your food choices with all your values—but that you can do so without sacrificing a thing.

Friends of mine listen to NPR, vote Democrat, drive a Prius, read Dwell…but they still go to In-N-Out Burger. They still eat food that is environmentally disastrous, ethically disastrous, and so far from in keeping with their values. And so I wanted to say it’s possible to eat in a way that accommodates and reflects all of your values. – Moby

Moby knows that when people go to a restaurant they don’t want to eat like a monk, so the approach to food at Little Pine shows off the more comfort and indulgent side of vegan food.

The recipe for this little vegan oasis in Silver Lake that fuses four of Moby’s passions: community, veganism, architecture and design, is winning. Countless visitors have scooped up cheesy stuffed shells and clinked glasses at Little Pine, creating plant-powered memories that will last a lifetime.

[youtube id=”3SINX-0Kb40″]

As Moby said, “One of the most gratifying things is when non-vegans come up to me and say, ‘Wow, before coming here I didn’t know I could be vegan.’ And then you can see the gears turning and they say, ‘Maybe I could be a vegan!’ And that is the reason to be open.”

Hundreds of vegan shops and restaurants are opening all across the world and I encourage you to look for them. You can search for “vegan” in your city on Yelp or Happy Cow to find the gems near you. Cheers!

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This video was made by Michelle Cehn in collaboration with Toni Okamoto from Plant Based on a Budget. You can find more vegan videos on our YouTube channel at

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