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Can we offer you a drink? Sip on World of Vegan’s perfected smoothies, cozy hot cocoa, specialty coffee drinks, veggie-infused cocktails, and more. We love to get creative with beverages, and we only share the best-of-the-best with you. So grab a glass, dear friend. L’chaim! 

How about a garden-fresh glass of basil water, a shimmering pink dragonfruit cocktail, or sweetly refreshing purple grape smoothie to quench your thirst? It’s time to dive into these delicious vegan drink recipes!

Strawberry Peach Spritzer

Our Strawberry Peach Spritzer is sparkling sunshine in a glass! All of the best flavors of the summer season are concentrated in these superfruits. Sweet, super colorful, and out-of-this-world refreshing!
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Is Alcohol Vegan? Guide to Vegan Alcohol, Wine, Beer & Spirits!

Is that cocktail vegan? What about that burgundy bottle of wine? Your favorite beer? Find out which of your favorite alcohol brands are vegan, and what to watch out for.
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