8 DIY Animal Rights Halloween Costumes

8 DIY Animal Rights Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to spread awareness about some of the spookiest things happening to animals behind closed doors. We’ve come up with eight vegan and animal rights Halloween costumes which are sure to spark wide-eyed conversations. Take a peek!

1. De-Clawed Kitty

declawed cat costume

2. Rabbit With A Lucky Human’s Foot Keychain

Rabbit with lucky human's foot keychain halloween costume

3. Chained Backyard Dog

PETA Backyard Dog Halloween Costume

4. Mulesed Lamb (Just Google “mulesing” and you’ll never buy wool again)

mulesed lamb animal rights halloween costume

5. Cat Used for Laboratory Experiments

animal testing halloween costume

6. Extra Firm Tofu Costume

diy tofu halloween costume

7. Your Hot Dog (Had A Face)

veggie hot dog halloween costume

8. Why Love One But Eat The Other?

dog halloween costume pig

Vegan Halloween Costume Ideas Video:

These vegan costumes are sure to leave a lasting impression on Halloween party goers. If you wear one of these animal rights costumes or design one of your own, be sure to share them with us in the comments below and on social media, and have a very happy Halloween!

Psssst! Don’t forget to stock up on vegan halloween candy for the kiddos this year!

Vegan Halloween Costumes by: Sooyeon Jang, Christina Yasi, Michael Wallace, Bubs, Henry Chen, Michelle Cehn, Strummer and Melliser Elliott. Photos and video by Michelle Cehn.

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