Animal Draw My Life Videos Go Viral

Animal Draw My Life Videos Go Viral

A new video series is sweeping the web, pulling the curtain back on factory farming without displaying gory imagery that makes so many viewers turn away. Vegan artist Sooyeon Jang and vegan filmmaker Michelle Cehn have teamed up together to produce a series of animal Draw My Life videos exposing the hidden lives of farmed animals through illustrations.

“Draw My Life” Videos: A New Way to Tell a Story

Draw My Life videos became an internet meme in 2013. Within a year, many YouTuber personalities published their own life stories using hand-drawn illustrations using a whiteboard and fast-motion videography. YouTube creators began to use these videos as an opportunity to get really personal, sharing their stories, struggles, and emotional experiences.

Michelle (founder of World of Vegan) and Soo (founder of Meaningful Paws) saw an opportunity to use these videos as a way to give animals a voice and allow people to witness their personal stories. They decided to team up together and create Draw My Life videos on their behalf.

A Voice For The Voiceless!

We get to see the many sufferings animals are put through since the day they are born until they are driven to the slaughterhouse. We see the short but precious time they get to spend with their moms and the heartbreak when both are separated. And the astonishing thing is that we get to experience their stories through the beautiful, simple drawings that Soo creates right in front of our eyes and listen to what they feel through Michelle’s voice.

As a result, these Draw My Life Videos are so moving you’ll want to show them to your friends and the world, and you can do so without being afraid of being too confrontational. Watching and sharing is one way to practice gentle but powerful advocacy!

Michelle and Soo have already released A Cow’s Life, A Pig’s Life, A Chicken’s Life, and more, and hope to continue to create further stories about animals suffering at the hands of humans. Stay tuned!

Watch the whole series here and don’t forget to share and give animals a voice!

A Cow’s Life:

A Pig’s Life:

A Turkey’s Life:

A Chicken’s Life:

A Shark’s Life (Shark Finning)

A Sea Turtle’s Life (Bottom Trawling)

Dog Meat Trade in South Korea:

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