“Draw My Life” Videos Go Viral

A new video series is sweeping the web, pulling the curtain back on factory farming without displaying gory imagery that makes so many viewers turn away. Vegan artist Sooyeon Jang and vegan filmmaker Michelle Cehn have teamed together to produce a series of Draw My Life videos exposing the hidden lives of farmed animals through illustrations.

Draw My Life videos became an internet meme in 2013, and within a year many YouTubers published their own life stories using hand-drawn illustrations and fast-motion videography. YouTube creators began to use these videos as an opportunity to get really personal, sharing their stories, struggles, and emotional experiences.

Animals are unable to create their own videos, but Michelle and Soo saw an opportunity here. They decided to team together and creating Draw My Life videos on their behalf. They have already released A Cow’s Life, A Pig’s Life, A Chicken’s Life, and more, and hope to continue making more about other animals suffering at the hands of humans. Stay tuned!

A Pig’s Life: 

A Turkey’s Life:

A Chicken’s Life:

Dog Meat Trade in South Korea:

The Story of Farm Sanctuary:

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