How to Live to 100: Advice From Vegan Centenarians

You might be vegan because you love animals or because you’re trying to protect our planet. Or maybe you just want clearer skin. Whatever your reason, karma has your back because choosing a plant-based diet will likely also extend your life—dramatically!

Most people traipse through life assuming they’ll die when they die, and that it’s really out of their hands. But in reality, we have a lot of control over our well-being and longevity. When we harness the power of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, and skip the artery-clogging meat, dairy, and eggs, magical things can happen in our bodies. Our bodies can heal from disease. They can cleanse. They can regenerate. And they can live a long-ass time.

The vegan centenarians in this video provide a little glimpse at what conscious plant-powered living can do. Plus, aren’t they adorable?

It’s time we stop buying funeral plots and start planning our 100th birthday parties because if we’re eating a healthy whole-foods plant-based diet, our chances jump way up that we just might be some of the world’s next centenarians. 

If you’re feeling inspired to take your health into your hands and be around to meet your great-great-grandchildren, I highly recommend picking up a copy of How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger (founder of It’s one of those books that’s not only life-changing but truly lifesaving as well. 

Green smoothie cheers to that! 

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