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How do you get B12 on a vegan diet? Which foods contain iron? Explore our vegan nutrition resources to learn about vitamins, health, vegan registered dietitians, and more. Everything you need to know about healthy vegan living starts right here.

Feel free to explore which vegan registered dietitian would suit you best and how to choose the best plant-based multivitamin for your needs. If you’d like something more practical, how about trying the Daily Dozen Meal Plan for a week or two? Also, don’t miss out on our comprehensive vegan nutrition guide—it’s definitely worth reading.

I’m Vegan…Do I Really Need to Take Vitamins?

Do vegans need to take vitamins? What vitamins to vegans and vegetarians need? Can we get everything from food, or are plant-based supplements important? Let’s ask a nutritionist expert! Vegan Registered Dietitian Taylor Wolfram is back with another nutrition guide to answer all your questions.
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