VeganBurg Opens in San Francisco

VeganBurg is a bold fast-casual burger joint that just opened in San Francisco. On a mission to re-define comfort food with their entirely plant-based menu, they couldn’t be in a better location. They’re situated right at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury, the iconic center of the 60’s revolution of love, peace, equality, and freedom. Today VeganBurg is here to show that vegan burgers aren’t just for hippies anymore!

VeganBurg doesn’t shy away from the “V” word, and integrates positive messages of compassion throughout the restaurant—from the art on the walls to the photo station. After you devour your Smoky BBQ burger and seaweed fries, you can snap a picture with a “Keep Calm And Eat A Vegan Burger” prop or an “I Just Lost My Vegan Virginity” sign. This proud embrace of veganism doesn’t keep people away. Believe it or not, the vast majority of VeganBurg customers are omnivores! Further proof that everybody loves a VeganBurg-er!

Where did this innovative restaurant come from? VeganBurg was founded in Singapore in 2010 by Alex Tan, and quickly expanded in Singapore. Just 5 years later, on a mission to inspire the world to choose a vegan diet, Alex decided to bring this popular restaurant concept to the United States. VeganBurg opened their doors in San Francisco in December 2015 (serving a limited sneak peek menu), with their full grand opening in January 2016.

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Next time you visit San Francisco, stop by VeganBurg and enjoy a tasty burger with a fresh attitude. Healthy, sustainable, and animal friendly, these are the burgers of the new generation. 

VeganBurg Address:

1466 Haight Street
San Francisco, California, 94117

VeganBurg video by Michelle Cehn featuring Toni Okamoto from Vegan Outreach.

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