Vegan Olympic Figure Skater Meagan Duhamel Dishes on How She Took Home the Gold On Plants

Vegan Olympic Figure Skater Meagan Duhamel Dishes on How She Took Home the Gold On Plants

Plant-based athletes all around the world are crushing the old myth that vegans are weak and scrawny. In fact, countless athletes have been making headlines as they share that they feel better than ever and have seen their fitness improve after ditching meat and dairy in favor of plants. Many are top-performing vegan athletes like Meagan Duhamel, a world champion figure skater competing at the highest level who took home the gold medal at the winter Olympics in PeongChang.

Meagan Duhamel joined us on the Plant-Powered People Podcast to share her story. We talk about how she started figure skating as a little girl, how reading the unexpectedly powerful book Skinny Bitch inspired her to go vegan, and how her performance on the rink blossomed from there (despite initial resistance from her coach and scanty vegan offerings at the Olympics). 

Having reached the pinnacle of success as a figure skater and achieved all her childhood dreams, Meagan is retiring from the Olympics and eagerly shifting her focus to other incredible projects. Like what, you ask? You’ll find her running her blog Lutz of Greens (named after the Triple Lutz figure skating jump she and her partner made famous as the first duo to land a simultaneous Triple Lutz in the Olympics). Having studied with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she’s also working on an initiative to educate athletes training for the Olympics about nutrition. You can hear more about all that’s coming from Meagan it in this episode. Enjoy!

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