Vegan Jerky Snack Packs | Animal Place’s Vegan Republic

Vegan Jerky Snack Packs | Animal Place’s Vegan Republic

If you’re a lover of jerky, you’ll be excited to learn that Animal Place’s Vegan Republic just launched vegan jerky snack packs that you can order online from anywhere in the United States! The best part? 100 percent of the profits benefit Animal Place Sanctuary

These snack packs include five specialty vegan jerky brands that you probably won’t find at your local supermarket:

They will be available on an ongoing basis, along with an ever-changing selection of special edition boxes for holidays and beyond. 

vegan jerky snack pack vegan republic

So what are you waiting for? Grab a box for yourself or send one to a friend, knowing that you’ll be caring for animals while you’re gnawing on this superstar line-up of cruelty-free plant-based jerky. 

Animal Place is one of the largest farmed-animal sanctuaries located in Northern California, and is home to 250 silly, curious, and playful animal residents. They also run the all-vegan speciality store in Berkeley, CA: Animal Place’s Vegan Republic.

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