Follow Your Heart VeganEgg — Watch it Scramble!

Follow Your Heart VeganEgg — Watch it Scramble!

The latest buzz in the world of food science is about the VeganEgg developed by Follow Your Heart (the makers of Vegenaise and a wide array of other plant-based products). We gave it a scramble and created a video to show you what it’s like! 

It looks like eggs and it scrambles similar to eggs (although it takes longer: 6-8 minutes in the frying pan). The flavor and mouthfeel is reminiscent of eggs. We’re not to the point where you can swap a Vegan Egg for a chicken’s egg without noticing a difference—but we’re getting close, and it’s very exciting to see such rapid forward momentum in this field! This is an exciting display of innovation from Follow Your Heart and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Other companies that are at the forefront of vegan food innovation include:

…and more! Stay tuned for new vegan foods as you browse your local grocery store shelves. The VeganEgg will be sold by select online retailers starting in early November 2015, and will be hitting grocery store shelves soon after. 

This vegan egg video was made by Michelle Cehn featuring Toni Okamoto from Vegan Outreach. Watch on YouTube here

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