The World’s Largest Vegan Camp Out Festival

The World’s Largest Vegan Camp Out Festival

When we first started with our respectable four hundred happy campers we never thought we would be able to one day say we are the world’s largest vegan camping festival—and the most international too! Campers from over 30 different countries all come along for the weekend and enjoy the event we’ve put together.

The UK Vegan Camp-Out is all about bringing people together to make vegan friends, try some of the U.K`s most loved vegan food, see their favorite speakers, feel inspired to go vegan if they aren’t already, and of course to have a great time!

Each year we have a huge line-up with stages for music, popular speakers, activism workshops to encourage becoming active within animal rights, fitness activities, and dozens of delicious vegan food vendors to pick from. Each night finishes with an after-party with DJs mixing different styles of music so there is something for everyone to dance the night away to.

It all started back in 2016 after visiting lots of outdoor music festivals and realizing that there was nothing like that in the vegan world—yet. No one had yet combined that summer fun camping experience with people who are passionate about animal rights. So we decided right then and there: let’s do It! And how glad we are now that we decided to go for it.

We love it when we hear about someone’s vegan journey starting at the camp-out after feeling inspired and seeing just how easy it is! We have a fair few Camp-Out love stories too! The Vegan Camp-Out is a date to remember for so many, which is another huge reason we keep making the event bigger and better each year—so more people can enjoy it and make memories together.

Come on out and join the party! We’d love to see you there. 



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