Best Vegan Black Friday Sales On Amazon

Best Vegan Black Friday Sales On Amazon

Hope you had a phenomenal Thanksgiving! I had my family over for a delicious plant-based meal. My very non-vegan uncle made the most epic squash dish which totally out-shined the Field Roast, my usual Thanksgiving fave. And my dad got to meet my birth father for the very first time! Now, the morning after, Black Friday is here and the money-saving frenzy has begun. I’m writing this from my couch, in my pajamas, wrapped up in blankets on this rainy day for those of you who are looking for the best vegan Black Friday deals on Amazon.

Below you’ll see the best one-day-only savings I can find on Amazon. I’ll be updating this with new finds throughout the day (as well as on Cyber Monday). Let’s jump in!

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Once again, Amazon is offering the Instant Pot for the lowest price of the year. I got mine on Black Friday back in 2015 and it has become one of my favorite cooking appliances ever. You can pick one up for under $60 right now (that’s 40% off!). I wrote an entire article about why everyone needs a pressure cooker

Instant Pot Lid

For those who already have an Instant Pot, here’s something I just added to my Amazon cart! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve haphazardly saran-wrapped my Instant Pot full of soup and stuck it in the fridge. This Instant Pot lid is going to make things much cleaner and simpler. 

Air Fryer

I just got an air fryer and can’t wait to start playing! Air fryers are all the rage these days and for good reason. They enable you to fry up potatoes and beyond without using oil. If french fries are your jam but you also want to eat healthfully, check this out. This air fryer is $67 (that’s 60% off)!

Glass Storage Containers 

I recently got these glass storage containers because I’m trying to move away from plastic and I love them! They came in handy in a big way for Thanksgiving last night—all our leftovers are neatly packed away and stacked in these in the fridge. 

The Best Non-Stick Pan

I was recently introduced to these T-fal pans and love them so much I went out and bought another. They are non-stick so you can easily stir-fry tofu, veggies, and anything else, without sticking to the pan. Plus, no matter what you’re making, it’s easy to clean with a simple rinse and wipe. They’re on super-sale right now!

Silicone Baking Mat

Have you ever made cookies that stuck to the pan, totally crumbling to pieces as you try to pry them off? I haven’t experienced that in years thanks to these silicone mats. I bought two of them back in 2014 and still use them to this day. They were a big help at Thanksgiving last night! Just be sure you get silicone mats that fit your current baking pans and cookie sheets because they come in all different sizes. 

High-Powered Blender

A high-powered Vitamix blender is one the most coveted items in many vegan kitchens. The only thing holding most back from owning a Vitamix—which can make the creamiest smoothies, nut milks, sauces, soups, and beyond in moments—is the price. These blenders can cost upwards of $500, but with this Amazon deal it’s just $199 refurbished. If I needed a blender upgrade, I would jump on this stat!

Stand Mixer

I don’t own one of these—instead, I mix everything by hand (or call the hubby over to help) but this can make baking much more convenient. I had one growing up! I’m including it mostly because the sale is so epic, so if it’s something you’ve been thinking about getting, now is the time!

For those who are wondering, I prefer the Vitamix over the Blendtec because the Vitamix has a tamped that makes it easy to smash frozen fruit down into the blades so it’s easy to blend even thick things like banana nice cream. 

Coffee Milk Frother

I got one of these Capresso milk frothers many years back and love it to this day! It can froth the soymilk and heat it at the same time to bring a delightful cafe feel to your morning routine. Note that not all nut milks froth well. My favorite froth-able milks is the WestSoy unsweetened soy milk (the ingredients are simple—just soybeans and water). 


This isn’t vegan-specific, but something I’ve very passionate about so I figure I’ll share since it’s such an epic deal. 23andme DNA kits enable you to peek into your ancestry through your DNA and also connect to hundreds or even thousands of blood relatives. You never know…you may just discover someone in your family who you never knew existed! I was adopted as a baby and was able to connect with my first cousin and ultimately my birth father through these DNA tests, and every new person who takes these gives extra hope to adopted kiddos who are searching for blood family. 

Vegan Cuts 7 Days of Deals

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Vegan Cuts is also offering some epic sales this weekend. They offer vegan subscription boxes (snack and beauty boxes) and an online vegan marketplace. Check them out! 

The 12-Day Dairy Detox

If you know anyone who is looking to get off dairy, we’re also offering The 12-Day Dairy Detox program for just $7 this weekend (usually $47). You can get it here using the code: HEALTHYHOLIDAY2018. Enjoy! 

Want More Vegan Deals? 

Stay tuned… we’ll have more coming throughout the day! 

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