Vegan Baileys? Yes! Meet: Baileys Almonde

Vegan Baileys? Yes! Meet: Baileys Almonde

Times are changing, my friends. Not long ago, it was hard to find almond milk at mainstream grocery stores. But today, not only are there nut milks galore at virtually every grocery establishment, but even long-standing companies like Baileys, which has been around for more than 40 years crafting Irish cream, is jumping on the nut milk bandwagon. They just launched their newest line of almond milk liqueur, and it’s vegan! Meet the all new vegan Baileys Almande.  

The significance of this new vegan Baileys Irish Cream goes beyond the White Russians that vegans can now enjoy. It’s yet another major indicator to companies everywhere that the time has come to move beyond dairy. Soy and almond milk is no longer considered some hippie-dippie fringe fad. It’s the future of milk, and it’s here to stay. 

Get your cocktail glasses ready, and let’s give a big cheers to the new vegan Baileys! 

Activism Tip: Is there a company you used to frequent that hasn’t yet incorporated great vegan options? Ask them! Write, call, and request, request, request. Companies listen—and at this point, with the strong consumer demand for vegan options, all it may take is a little nudge for companies to make a shirt.  

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