Your Guide to Shopping Vegan at Trader Joe’s

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I still remember the days when grocery shopping was a chore. When I’d enter a giant mainstream grocery store with drab grey walls and aisle after aisle of packaged, processed foods. I’d walk past countless name-brands that I know full well are capitalizing on our food addictions, using misleading labels to get us hooked on crap from the time we’re little enough to fit in the shopping cart.

I’d look around at other equally unenthused shoppers just trying to get through the lines and out of there as quickly as possible. It was depressing, really.

That was before I discovered the wonders of Trader Joe’s. Now I love grocery shopping! The tiki-style vibe at Trader Joe’s transports me to a whole new grocery land filled with new foodie treasures yet to be discovered. Seriously—I’m there so often I should probably start chipping in for rent, yet every single time I swing by I stumble across something new. And quite often—it’s vegan!

Trader Joe’s is incredibly vegan-friendly—but since it’s not a regular grocery store where you can just look for your usual go-to brands and products, navigating the store and zoning in on the best vegan options takes some getting used to.

Don’t worry—there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. I teamed up with Toni Okamoto from Plant Based on a Budget to create a series of videos that will help you dominate your Trader Joe’s experience, and discover the most exciting vegan options they have to offer.

The Best Vegan Products at Trader Joe’s

First up: we made a series of Top Vegan Products at Trader Joe’s videos. We went to Trader Joe’s and picked out our most-loved vegan foods to share with you. If you’re planning a trip to the supermarket, I hope these suggestions will help!

Post-Pandemic Trader Joe’s Taste Test (July 2021)

Vegan Holiday Favorites at Trader Joe’s

Another fun element of Trader Joe’s is their full-hearted embrace of seasons and holidays. For instance, when fall comes around they release a whole slew of pumpkin-flavored foods. For a California girl like me, the seasons can pass by with barely a change in the weather, so I very much appreciate the celebratory products that remind me, “Oh right, it’s fall!” or “Oh my gosh, Chrismas is coming!”

I honestly wouldn’t put it past me to dive deep into a project and completely miss the holidays. Thanks for keepin’ me on top of life, Trader Joe’s. Muchas gracias.

Speaking of which…here are some of the fun holiday-themed vegan finds from the holiday season in 2017!

No longer do I walk into an instant fog of depression when I step inside a grocery store. Now, I walk into the store with enthusiasm, my senses tickled by the playful signs, creative branding, and the plethora of conscious, organic, and vegan foods in every aisle. I rush in excited to grab my known favorites and explore what’s new. Maybe grab a greeting card or two while I’m at it. Look at you go, Trader Joe’s—you’re even making me a better friend!

Anyhow, I hope this inspires you to explore some new foods at Trader Joe’s. And if you’ve never been there [gawk], get yo’ booty to your nearest TJ’s stat. You can thank me later.

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