EU Urged To Place a Tax on Meat

EU Urged To Place a Tax on Meat

We have some exciting news for you! It’s not always easy to be excited when it comes to political developments, but this one could have a big impact in the vegan world!

In what would be a huge step in the right direction, the European Union is being urged to adopt a “sustainability charge” on meat as part of its “European Green Deal” initiative to cover the impact of animal farming on the environment and climate. The “meat tax” could increase the cost of steak in the EU by up to 25% to offset the impact of animal farming. The report underlying the discussions was produced by the environmental research group CE Delft for the Amsterdam-based True Animal Protein Price (TAPP) Coalition.

Lately, we have seen a big increase in consumers who have been voting with their wallets for a healthier, kinder, and more climate-friendly lifestyle. This has led to the skyrocketing of the sales in plant-based proteins across North America and Europe and the emergence of countless new players in the plant-based food arena. Employing fiscal and policy instruments to incentivize one’s reduction of meat consumption could help further shifting the world towards a (more) plant-based lifestyle.

According to the report, the introduction of such a tax over the course of a decade could “lead to a reduction in chicken, pork, and beef consumption of 30%, 57% and 67% by 2030.” So basically, vegan products are getting cheaper, and meat might be getting more expensive! A big win for animals!

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