Vegan Travel: Summer Edition

Vegan Travel: Summer Edition

The snow is melting and the sun is beginning to shine—summer is almost here! It’s time to pull out the bathing suits and dust of the grills because sun time, fun time is right around the corner. So will you travel? Getting away for a stint in the summer is the best way to unwind so I’ve got some fun ideas for healthy, budget and eco-conscious summer adventurers.

The Road Trip 

A great money saving and green idea, as you can split the cost of gas with however many people you can fit in the car. It’s also a great idea to get out of town for those who don’t get to much time off. Find a small town and make a point to visit the one thing that makes it famous. For cheap accommodations, research hostels before you leave, or pile your whole crew into an inexpensive hotel room or two. Plus you can always stay with friends and relatives along the way! Take back roads and plan ahead to see memorable roadside attractions.


A great idea if you want to go somewhere, don’t have coin and want to give back. You can meet some wonderful people, make lasting memories, and spend your summer break building houses or helping those in need. Check out the Charity Guide on volunteer vacations for more information.


If you’re the outdoor type, what better way to spend some time with your friends on the cheap? Or spend a bit more money and rent a cabin with a big group. Cabin rentals and campsites are often less expensive in the spring time so plan ahead! You can save a ton of money by packing a bunch of healthy food to cook as well as being in an area where you can get some good exercise whether it’s a hike, a swim or a canoe ride. 


Okay, this isn’t exactly green travel but it may be a good bang for your buck in this economy. Cruise lines are practically giving trips away and they are a great way to see a lot in a little time. And if you plan ahead, you can make sure that they accommodate your special diet and you can feast like a queen (or king) as all meals are included in the price! Also, cabins can sleep up to 4 people so that helps bring down the cost.


With high gas prices and a struggling economy, make the most of your own town. Take a tour of your city’s tourist attractions, visit museums or search for hidden gems across town. Being a tourist in your own town can be quite fun and you’ll have a greater appreciation of your hometown! To spice it up a bit, camp out in your back yard, invite friends over, and project movies on to a sheet or blank wall for a fun outdoor movie night!

Dream Vacay: Go Abroad 

Have you ever wanted to visit Italy? Well, make plans to join me for a once in a lifetime trip to Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and even Pompei, all while enjoying earth shatteringly delicious, organic, vegan food! I’ll be hosting the inaugural Vegano Italiano Festival, July 11-18th, and would love to have you join me! I’ll be along for all of the fun while also teaching a fun demo on healthy, Italian home cooking. I LOVE Italy and you will too! This trip is like no other.

Whatever travel adventures you choose, take the time to plan now so you can make this summer the best one yet!

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