Can You Be A Perfect Vegan? | Colleen Patrick-Goudreau Answers

When we decide to go vegan, many of us have this idealistic vision of suddenly being totally free from animal products and cruelty. That’s what vegan is all about, after all—isn’t it?

In theory, yes. But in today’s imperfect world, being vegan is about doing the best we can to cause as little suffering as possible. So—is there such a thing as a “perfect vegan?” Today Colleen Patrick-Goudreau sheds some light on this question.

It is impossible to completely remove yourself from animal products and suffering altogether. All we can do is the best we can. It’s actually relatively easy to remove 99% of animal products from our lives! Let’s focus on that, and be gentle with ourselves and with others. We can all always do better. Even if you’re vegan, you may be using lots of plastic and can work on cutting that down. You may be eating vegan chocolate that was sourced using slavery. Let’s let go of our expectation of perfection and focus on what really matters—creating a kinder world, constantly working to better ourselves, and being less judgemental of others.

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