Meaningful Paws: Compassionate Vegan Apparel

Meaningful Paws: Compassionate Vegan Apparel

You’ve heard the saying “wear your heart on your sleeve,” right? Well, now you quite literally can. A new vegan apparel company called Meaningful Paws just launched, and they are offering clothing, tumblers, stickers, and more made with lots of love.

Founded by San Francisco based vegan artist Soo Yeon Jang, Meaningful Paws is on a mission to change the world one tumbler at a time and to help animal lovers advocate for animals through her stylish statement apparel. In the company mission statement, Soo says, “We want to affirm the belief that the world belongs to animals as much as mankind and that we should live in harmony respecting them as much as we respect one another.”

Passive Activism

It’s a perfect formula! Customers buy their apparel, get to wear the message they want to spread proudly and, at the same time, help animal advocacy and care organizations. This is on top of the amazing contribution that is to support small vegan and eco-friendly businesses to grow and stay profitable.

One of their bestselling t-shirts are from the “Vegan is…” line but, they have many others that can speak loudly without even opening your mouth. The simple act of wearing one can be a conversation starter, and we know how powerful an honest talk about compassion can be, especially if it’s not you the one who initiated it.

Don’t you love the idea of this form of passive activism? What a better way to honor and help animals than to spread compassion! Wherever you go, you can inspire someone to think about the impact of their actions and, hopefully, spark the drive to become vegan. So go ahead and wear the message!

Take a look:

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Let’s try to be more conscious and support more of these upcoming vegan start-ups and practice some activism without even trying.


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