Detox Vegan-Style with Kaeng Raeng

Detox Vegan-Style with Kaeng Raeng

It’s not all quinoa and wheatgrass in veganville anymore. We’ve entered an era of vegan cupcakes, mac and cheese, and ice cream galore. We’re certainly not complaining, but this means that vegans can have one cookie too many and feel the need for a full body cleanse now and again. And when that time comes, Kaeng Raeng is a great all-vegan company for you to check out! 

Kaeng Raeng offers protein-rich meal replacement shakes, vegan detox kits, and cruelty-free body care products including exfoliating body scrubs, detoxifying face masks, and rejuvenating facial serums. Cleansing can be an unpleasant experience (I’m sure anyone who has done a several-day juice cleanse will agree), but when you treat yourself to spa-quality treatments like these, even the process can feel good. And of course your body (and soul) will thank you. 

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The best part about Kaeng Raeng is that all of their products are made with wholesome, recognizable ingredients. Turn over the box, and you can understand and appreciate everything written on it, from the ingredients to the vegan label. We love that! 

The Daily Green Energy powders are packed with the 3-Ps: protein, probiotics, and powerful superfoods, as well as common fruits and veggies. Beginning your day with this concoction will ensure you are off to a healthy start. Need some extra smoothie inspiration? Here you go:

This post was sponsored by Kaeng Raeng. All opinions are our own (and we only accept sponsorships for products we sincerely love). 

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