Impossible Foods Aims to Serve Millions Plant-Based Meat

Vegan food startup Impossible Foods recently released their new Impossible Burger—a plant-based burger that looks and tastes just like meat. Their secret? A special ingredient missing from most vegan burgers: Heme.

Yup, you read that right! Heme, which is notorious for being a component of hemoglobin in blood, is now being synthesized by yeast using DNA extracted from plants (specifically: soybeans). This plant-powered heme is incorporated into these new Impossible Burgers and is responsible for the uncanny similarity between these vegan burgers and burgers made from animal flesh.

I just tried the Impossible Burger at my local burger shop—Kronnerburger in Oakland—and I was floored. I smells like meat. It tastes like meat. It sizzles on the grill like meat. It even bleeds like meat! Take a look.

If you’re eager to try one yourself, you’re in luck. While it’s currently only being served at 9 restaurants across the United States, Impossible Foods is setting up the infrastructure to be able to supply at least 1 million pounds of this plant-based meat to conscious consumers each month. 

With the support of notable investors like Bill Gates and Google Ventures, Impossible Foods is building a huge 67,000 square-foot production facility in Oakland, California. Their goal? To serve 4 million people each month at over 1,000 restaurants within a year.

“Our mission to transform the global food system is urgent, and the opportunity is huge, so we are embarking on one of the most ambitious scale-ups of any startup in the food industry. Our goal is to make delicious, sustainable, nutritious and affordable meat for everyone, as soon as possible.” – Patrick Brown, Founder and CEO

Keep an eye on Impossible Foods, because if all goes as planned, they’ll soon be launching many new plant-powered products and will be appearing in restaurants, retail stores, and international markets all around the world. The future of food is here. 

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