The Humane League’s Victory and Current Campaign for Chickens

The Humane League’s Victory and Current Campaign for Chickens

What a huge victory for chickens! You may have heard that The Humane League won their recent campaign against Subway, the world’s largest fast-food franchise!

Did you know that chickens are highly social animals that have their own distinct personalities? They have wonderful memories and observational skills, and form close bonds with friends and family! They are truly magnificent birds!

It’s no wonder that animal rights activists and consumers were outraged at the horrific treatment of Subway’s broiler chickens that are raised for meat to be sold at their restaurants! 

Subway’s broiler chickens are shoved into tiny, overcrowded sheds where they will never see the sun or feel grass beneath their feet. They live in extremely filthy conditions and are burned by toxic ammonia fumes from their own waste. These chickens are genetically manipulated to grow to unnatural sizes at an extremely fast rate. In fact, these chickens get so large that their legs cannot support their own weight, making movement extremely painful, if not impossible. They often die from dehydration since they cannot move to access water. They may also experience organ failure or heart attacks due to rapid growth. When it is decided that they must die, their throats are cut and they are often boiled alive. 

Thanks to efforts of The Humane League, their supporters, and activists, Subway has announced a new welfare policy! As reported in THL’s blog, “the new policy commits to sourcing chickens raised in alignment with requirements of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). By 2024, all of Subway’s chicken products will be aligned with GAP standards for higher welfare breeds, enhanced living environments (including lighting, litter and enrichment), increased activity levels and optimized stocking density, and an improved slaughter method.” This is huge a win, not only for chickens but this new policy will set a precedent for other large corporations, influencing change for animals that would otherwise have no voice.

After this monumental win, The Humane League is now campaigning against Darden, the parent company of Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Yard House, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, & Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. The Humane League is asking Darden to create meaningful welfare changes for the chickens in their supply chain.

There are many ways to get involved!

You can hold the boycott Olive Garden poster (shown below) in front of any Olive Garden location, collect petition signatures (Over 50,000 signatures were collected for the Subway campaign!), or leaflet outside of Longhorn Steakhouse locations. Let people know that their money is paying for the cruel and miserable treatment and living conditions of Darden’s chickens, and suggest cruelty-free plant-based options! Remember to approach people in a calm, positive and friendly manner to effectively communicate information and snap a picture to share on social media if you can! Don’t forget to sign the online petition, here!

Please consider helping out with The Humane League’s campaign against Darden. Let’s be the voice for animals that cannot speak up for themselves! Together, we are unstoppable and can influence huge changes for animals!

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