Simple and Effective Activism—from Home!

Simple and Effective Activism—from Home!

If you could help animals with a click of a button, would you? If so, you are in great company! Millions of people fight for the voiceless from the comfort of their own homes! Whether you live in a small town away from the action, or simply have full schedule, sharing information and rallying support for animal rights issues online is an effective way to speak up for animals! 

In fact, The Humane League created The Fast Action Network, specifically for online activism. This team of volunteers is sent information on current issues, and are asked to send emails to leaders to influence change. How cool is that?

In addition to posting pictures, info-graphics, and links to animal-related issues on social media, creating petitions is an excellent way to raise awareness and gain support. Last year, many petitions regarding the dog meat trade in Asia, the use of fur in the fashion industry, animal testing, and many more, have been wildly successful! Check out,, The Petition Site, and for current petitions.

Do you have an issue that you are passionate about? Would you like a particular food chain to start offering vegan options? Or, how about a company that should stop testing on animals? Make your voice heard by starting an online petition!

To help make your petition a success, consider the following steps:

  • Include a Call to Action to motivate readers to respond! Example: “Sign Now to put an end to animal testing in the United States!”
  • Results should be measurable, for example, “Help us reach 500,000 signatures this month!”
  • Make sure to contact presidents/managers/owners of the organizations and companies you are petitioning through thoughtfully worded emails that clearly explain the reasoning for your petition and your desired results. 
  • Include images and links for people to easily access additional information about the issue.
  • Share your petition on social media with links to make signing/participating as easy as possible!
  • Reach out to like-minded accounts to help get the word out! Just one share from a big account or celebrity can make a huge impact!
  • Keep your supporters updated with emails of milestones (not too many) to update them on your success, and to serve as a little reminder to keep sharing! 
  •  Be patient! It will take time for your petition to grow. Always remember why you started and what you are fighting for!

So, put on your favorite pair of pajamas, top off that soy latte, and let’s get to work! We have the power to make some great changes for animals in 2017 with simple and effective activism! Happy New Year!

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