When Your Partner Is An Omnivore | Podcast Ep. 6

When Your Partner Is An Omnivore | Podcast Ep. 6

Let’s be real. Most people aren’t partnered with someone who is perfectly aligned with every single thought and belief and worldview. And really, who wants that? Diversity in thought and experience is so important, and being with someone who can challenge you is far from a curse.

My hubby has been vegan for more than a decade, and my podcast co-host Toni’s boyfriend has been vegan for 25 years. So we wanted to find someone who is a passionate vegan and in a loving, committed relationship with someone who isn’t. And as you’d probably guess, that was easy to find.

We turned to Josie Morris, a full-time vegan advocate with the Humane Society and supermom of two, whose husband isn’t—and may never be—vegan.

Ready to step into a judgment-free zone and talk about the real-life, very relatable, tug-at-your-heart issues and solutions (and blessings!) that arise when you’re partnered with an omnivore? listen on…

In Episode 6 of the Plant-Powered People Podcast hosts Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto talk with Josie Morris about what it’s like to be in love with an omnivore.

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