The Dairy Detox: 12 Days to Dairy-Freedom

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Think you could never live without cheese? So did Allison and Michelle, founders of The Dairy Detox. But now they have been thriving dairy-free for more than 30 years, and are passionately helping others do the same. Here’s the thing. Living dairy-free actually isn’t hard. But going dairy free can be! That’s why they crafted the 12-Day Dairy Detox program, an online video course that makes the transition to dairy-free living delicious, easy, and fun!

Dairy Detox students receive daily videos, a collection of delicious dairy-free recipes, access to a private online community, a meal planning guide, and all the resources and support needed to take students from beginner-to-pro in just 12 days.

The goal? It’s simple: to inspire wellness and compassion. Allison and Michelle are taking an innovative approach they’ve never seen done before by speaking specifically to one issue that is the lynchpin to vegan living: dairy.

Plus, not only will Dairy Detox students learn how to up-level their eating habits, they’ll also be empowered with new knowledge about dairy’s impact on our health, our planet, and animals. Consider this…


Do you struggle with excess weight? Stubborn acne? Lethargy? Congestion? Eczema? Lactose intolerance? Asthma? Digestive issues? Arthritis? Believe it or not, these and other chronic illnesses can often be improved with one simple step: ditching dairy.


Did you know? A gallon of cow’s milk uses as much water as 27 showers. Animal agriculture is responsible for 70% of rainforest deforestation. Dairy operations are major contributors to global warming. Luckily, the solution is right at the end of our forks!


Today’s food system is tragically flawed and is wreaking havoc not only on our own bodies, but also on billions of animals who are unwittingly entangled in this industry. It’s time we take a stand for kindness and choose milk made compassionately—from plants.

The next session begins on the 1st of the month. Do something great for your body and for the world, and register today

Even if you’re already dairy-free, you probably know someone who suffers from lactose intolerance, chronic health issues, and other symptoms related to dairy consumption. Or perhaps you know someone who is vegetarian, but wants to do more to help animals and the planet. I hope you’ll share this new resource with these people, and anyone else who could benefit! 

We believe in this program and know that together, our strength is much greater to awaken more people to kinder and healthier living. We hope you’ll join Allison and Michelle in putting a dent in the dairy industry and making the dairy-free revolution bigger than ever.

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