10 Adorable Vegan Recipes You Must Try At Home

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I’m a firm believer in having dessert after every meal. You know, mostly for stress reduction, and not at all because I’m so addicted to sugar that I would do anything for it.

I’m currently recipe testing a chocolate blackberry cake for a black and purple tea party I’m attending next month, and I’ve been eating so much cake because I can’t seem to get the recipe right. (Or maybe I’m purposely sabotaging every recipe, mwahahaha.)

I feel like I get inspired every hour, so my Trello board is filled with all the food (and craft) ideas I have, but sadly, my calendar isn’t as filled with free time. I’m lucky that most of my friends are creative and like to celebrate everything, so I get a lot of opportunities to overlap my recipe making with events I’m attending (stay tuned for lots of purple recipes coming soon).

❤ Robin from Vegan Dollhouse

1. Galaxy Cupcakes

2. Galaxy Sushi Bowls

3. Pink & White Mother’s Circus Bunny Cookies

4. Funfetti Bunny Cake

5. Red Panda Carrot Miso Soup

6. Sparkle Heart Emoji Cake

7. Rice Bear Under A Dal Blankie

8. Vegan Unicorn Sugar Cookies

9. Chocolate Mousse in a Cookie Cup

10. Vegan Twinkies

Photos by Robin Means, creator of these adorable vegan recipes. 

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