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Meet the World of Vegan Team

Our small-but-mighty team here at World of Vegan works to make vegan living fun, delicious, and accessible to all. We’re always hard at work creating and testing recipes, writing vegan living guides, filming cooking videos, creating thought-provoking art, recording episodes of The Plant-Powered People Podcast, and so much more.

  • Michelle Cehn

    Michelle Cehn

    Founder & CEO

    Michelle is the founder of World of Vegan and has been on a lifelong mission to make the world a kinder place. She is author of The Friendly Vegan Cookbook, co-host of The Plant-Powered People Podcast, creator of @Vegan on Instagram, and a passionate photographer, filmmaker, and YouTube personality. You can find her on Michelle Cehn Website, on her website, or working away diligently with her hubby, old dog, and young son in Sacramento, California.

  • Beatriz Buono-Core

    Beatriz Buono-Core

    Content Director & Brand Relations Officer

    Beatriz is a passionate vegan and mom of three. She studied liberal arts & art history as well as integrated nutrition (Institute of Integrated Nutrition). Bea lives in London, spending the rare time she is not being chased by her boys spreading the word and exploring London’s plant based cuisine. Connect with Bea on Instagram.

  • Gina House

    Gina House

    Writer & Chief Happiness Officer

    Gina House is an avid reader, knitter, and lover of hugs. She has two amazing adult children, a supportive husband and a B.S. in Mathematics. In the past, she also taught knitting, yoga, hula hooping and published two knitwear design books. She loves watercolor painting, creative writing, and stickers. Gina has been an ethical, plant-based vegan since 2016. Connect with Gina on Instagram.

  • Amanda Meth

    Amanda Meth

    Editor & Writer

    Amanda Meth is a longtime vegan, writer, and photographer who lives in Brooklyn with her very sweet rescue kitty, Aidy Lion. Ultimately interested in what nourishes us, Amanda enjoys employing various mediums to document and share moments of cherished expression. She loves New York but is always missing the A+ avocados from her home state of California. You can connect with her on Instagram or her website.

  • Justin Lewis

    Justin Lewis

    Wed Developer

    Justin works behind the scenes to keep World of Vegan running smoothly and optimally. He is both creative and brilliant, and he loves writing, cooking, foraging, and making his own colorful plant-based homemade inks. You can find him on his website and Instagram.

  • Toni Okamoto

    Toni Okamoto

    Plant Based on a Budget

    Toni dedicates her life to bringing awareness to farmed animal issues, along with lack of food accessibility and nutrition education in low-income and communities of color. She is the Founder of Plant Based on a Budget, one of the fastest growing vegan food blogs, which has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, Colorlines, and many other international news sources. Toni’s love belongs to feline companion, Yosha, and a sweet Angus steer named Stanley.

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