How to Make Easy Vegan Chili (Recipe Video)

How to Make Easy Vegan Chili (Recipe Video)

Oh, the comfort of homemade chili! There’s something about it that makes us feel cozy and warm. We all have our favorite go-to chili recipe but, I promise you this easy vegan chili might become your new favorite! 

Quick and Filling!

This recipe is simple and super quick! And for those of you who avoid gluten, it can easily be made gluten-free just by switching the bulgur for nutrient-packed quinoa and voila! This recipe uses kidney beans but, you can choose any beans you have in your pantry. 

This is the perfect recipe for batch cooking! You can make a big pot of the easy vegan chili, and you’ll be set for a few family-friendly meals during the week. Kids might be a bit thrown off by the spices so maybe ease up on them and then add them to the grown-up portions before serving. In our house, it works like a charm! 

Sneak Those Veggies In!

One of my best tricks for an extra veggie punch is to a throw a couple of handfuls of spinach a few minutes before it’s done. Trust me it’s a great way to sneak in some greens without the kids protesting much, and you can do it with any stew-like dish, such as dahls or curries. 

If your kids are not fans of quinoa (and if they are like mine, they will find it!) you can use some diced sweet potato instead and it will turn out delicious!

Another final touch that makes any hearty meal shine is to sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top to give it that cheesy flavor, or by simply grating some vegan cheese on top. Enjoy!

Vegan Chili Recipes Galore

We’ve got not one, not two, but three vegan chili recipes here at World of Vegan! You can check out the other two below and pick your favorite. 

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Recipe by Alex Bury from Vegan Outreach, a vegan chef and fundraiser extraordinaire who works tirelessly trying to raise awareness and funds for animals to have a better life. Video by Michelle Cehn

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