5 Ways Better Eating International Will Strengthen The Vegan Movement

5 Ways Better Eating International Will Strengthen The Vegan Movement

Better Eating International is a new nonprofit organization that seeks to inspire compassion for all animals through inclusive and empowering vegan education. Our powerful model for persuasive messaging and personalized content will help inspire change for animals across cultural divides. If we reach our Kickstarter goal, Better Eating has the potential to spark exponential growth for the vegan movement in several ways. 

1. We’re ready to reach millions of people

By taking advantage of the latest online advertising opportunities, Better Eating is situated to reach millions of people for just a few cents per exposure. With an in-house creative team—including an animator, designer, and audio engineer—we’re able to produce new videos quickly and affordably. With dozens of video topics, and dozens of variations of each topic, we’ll have specialized content ready for people across North America, and eventually the world.

2. Our strategy will level the playing field

The meat, dairy, and egg industries spend billions of dollars each year advertising their products to audiences, using a mix of mass and targeted marketing. Our movement has begun to combat these industries on the “mass” front, but has yet to even come close to their targeting. By harnessing the same tools that have been used by our adversaries—and by winning political candidates and other social movements—we represent the animals’ first chance to go head to head with animal abusers in the marketing sphere.

3. Our messaging will be personalized and meaningful

Everyone has their own life experience, making certain messages more powerful to some people than others. Differing backgrounds, incomes, locations and more affect who needs what type of vegan support and who responds best to which messages. Better Eating will automatically select the best content for people based on this information, ensuring that veganism is presented to each person in the best possible manner.

4. We’re prepared to diversify our movement

We’re a movement for animals, but our activists are people, and we need everyone on board to create a better world for animals. Our staff and board strives to represent the many audiences this movement must appeal to in order to grow. We seek to amplify vegan voices from historically marginalized communities by involving them in our video production through Community Advisory Panels. An inclusive movement is more just, but it’s also more effective.

5. We plan to grow local vegan communities

We have seen that online advocacy has the power to plant seeds of compassion and seen it translate into real-world change. However, we know that sustained social change involves building local community, so we’ll use location targeting to connect our viewers with grassroots vegan organizations, activist groups, and social gatherings. We’re here to collaborate and build a movement.

Want to learn more and get involved? You can connect with Better Eating International on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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