This New Video Series is Turning Vegetarians Into Vegans!

Better Eating International is now airing a series of animated educational vegan videos about animal agriculture and vegan eating!

The first video series by Better Eating focuses on dairy and eggs. Many organizations work to encourage omnivores to ditch meat (and our other campaigns will too), but eggs cause more harm than almost any other animal product. A person eliminating eggs from their diet helps more animals than giving up beef, pork, or turkey! Not to mention, these industries are particularly cruel—cows in dairy farms have their babies taken away soon after birth, and male chicks in egg farms are suffocated or ground up alive because they can’t lay eggs.

Better Eating International’s educational vegan videos not only empower viewers to take steps toward plant-based eating, but also encourage them to join the movement for animal rights.

This is only the beginning—we are building a database of hundreds of animated videos about the WHYs and HOWs of vegan eating: animal sentience and ethics, environmental concerns, workers’ rights, fast food options, talking to parents and friends, and more.

Our approach marks the first time the animal rights movement has fully embraced sequential marketing technology, harnessing the same tools that the meat, dairy, and egg industries use to promote their products. We are aiming to see every internet-using young adult exposed to the realities of animal agriculture!

Better Eating International is a vegan nonprofit seeking to build a society that respects animals through research-based and tailored educational videos. Our inclusive and empowering model will help create a future where animals are valued as unique individuals and no longer exploited for human gain. Want to see more of their vegan videos and get involved? Connect with us on Facebook!

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